Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Public Pants Pissing

Lady Madeline has ordered me to piss my pants in public again. Actually, she wants me to do it on a regular basis. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in Chicago, and unseasonably warm, so TP thought it would be a good idea to go outside and pee myself because there would be plenty of people to see me do it. Well there were plenty of people enjoying the weather, but it is hard to say how many people noticed that my pants were soaked with my own piss. This is what they looked like all wet.

After walking around my neighborhood TP decided to do it at a bus stop. A woman approached, and when she was about 20 feet away TP started to pee. It is not easy to pee your pants. We're trained from the time we are babies not to do this, so it is kind of hard to force yourself to go in your pants. But the piss started to flow making the crotch and inside leg of my jeans soaking wet. But the woman didn't notice! At least she didn't let on that she could see what was happening. Since that didn't work it was time to keep walking. There were a ton of people out, but nobody seemed to notice my wet pants as they walked by. Finally a guy wearing sunglasses seemed to notice, and he gave me an awkward look. A few more people gave me awkward smiles, but the pee was starting to dry so they may have just been saying hello. Finally another woman approached and TP peed some more. TP had been holding the rest of it so when it started to come this time there was no stopping it. My pants were really soaked this time. You could even hear it hitting the inside of my jeans. She had to have noticed, but did not react. 

After finally soaking my pants as much as possible it was time to walk down a major street. A few people gave me quick weird looks, but nobody really reacted much. They had to have seen how wet my pants were and that it started at my crotch. At this point it started to really sink in how humiliating this was. These people had to think it was disgusting. TP started to feel like a real freak, so it was time to hurry home and do some laundry.

Hopefully Lady Madeline enjoys hearing about how stupid her slave felt while walking around the city wearing piss soaked jeans.