Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slave Memories: SPH Online and In Person

Tiny's tiny little dick is all over the internet these days. Between this blog, and twitter, and, and countless other places my pathetic excuse for a cock has probably been seen by millions....if not billions of people online. OK maybe not that many, but a lot. But back when Tiny first posted pictures of his itty bitty pee pee on the interwebs it led to one of my favorite slave memories....when Lady Madeline laughed at the pics and the comments while Tiny was in the same room.

Tiny had completed his houseboy chores at Lady Madeline's apartment and was about to leave when Tiny mentioned that he had posted some pictures of his small dicklette on a website called (which is unfortunately no longer an active website). It was the first time Tiny had exposed his shame on the internet, and Tiny was surprised at how many rude and hurtful comments people posted about his penis. Tiny knew his penis was small, and didn't expect compliments, but these people were being so mean. You would think that my penis was the smallest penis they had ever seen.

Tiny mentioned the pictures and the comments to Lady Madeline because Tiny assumed she would think it was funny. Tiny thought she might take a look at it later, but instead she got out her laptop and went right to the website. Obviously she had seen me naked many times by then, but it was strange to be standing there fully clothed while she looked at pictures of my mini dick.

The it started....the laughter. Tiny had never heard his Mistress laugh so hard. She was practically rolling on her bed while laughing at all the mean things the commentors has said about my pictures. She could barely speak she was laughing so hard. Tiny's face was bright red.

Then she told me to drop my pants. Tiny always did his houseboy chores in nothing but a pair of panties and his collar, and had just got dressed to leave. Even though Tiny was almost completely naked a few minutes before it was soooo embarrassing to stand before his Mistress with his pants pulled down around his ankles. Mistress was now laughing at the site of my tiny penis in person, not just online. She would look over at me standing there like an idiot and laugh, and then go back to her laptop and laugh. Tiny had never heard anyone laugh so hard before.

Then she started making comments on her own. And if you thought the anonymous commentors were bad you should have seen her comments. She was having such a good time. She even went to the message board area and called Tiny out as the smallest dick on the website. Her comments were so mean that people started telling her it was too far. Can you imagine that? Someone trying to correct her for being too mean? Those people had not idea who they were dealing with.

After about 15 minutes Mistress's laughter started to die down a little, and she told me to pull up my pants and leave. Tiny pulled up his pants and covered his lame excuse for genitals, then kissed Lady Madeline's feet before leaving.

Tiny still thinks about that day a lot. It is probably Tiny's favorite small penis humiliation moment ever.

Mistress and slave Fighting Sexism

Lady Madeline is once again using her powers for good rather than evil by giving me a new assignment....fighting sexism in advertising. Just like her orders for me to write letters to companies that test on, or mistreat animals, she is now ordering me to start another letter writing campaign. Tiny will be compiling a list of commercials that are sexist, and once Mistress gives her approval, Tiny will start writing complaint letters.

My Mistress is an amazing woman, and orders like this are only part of the reason why. She could stick to assignments that humiliate me, but why stop there? Her control over me is a great way to attempt to make some changes for the better. Her ownership has made me a better person, so it is only natural that it should make the world a better place too.

And it is still a form of torture because it forces Tiny to pay attention to TV commercials which mostly suck.