Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slave Memories: Bed-rest Ballbusting

Back when TP served as houseboy to Lady Madeline he had regular chores he had to complete each time he came over... clean the litter box, do the dishes, take out the garbage, sweep the floor... but every so often Mistress would have something else that needed to be done. One day Mistress wanted TP to straighten up her bedroom, including the BDSM toys she had lying around. But Mistress had recently twisted her knee, and was stuck in bed. She couldn't really put weight on her leg, so she was ordering TP around from her bed and telling him where things went.

The last thing TP had to put away was a box of rubber medical gloves. But Mistress did not tell TP where to put them away. Instead she told TP to bring them to her.

Usually when TP served as houseboy he only wore two things... his collar, and a pair of panties. But this particular day TP did not have any panties to wear. This meant TP was naked, and his pathetic tiny penis was exposed for Lady Madeline to see. But it also meant his balls were exposed. Maybe this is what inspired Lady Madeline to have TP bring her the box of rubber gloves, because as soon as she had them she put them on and grabbed TP by the nuts. Mistress was not going to touch TP's disgusting genitals with her bare hands, especially since she could not easily walk to the bathroom to wash her hands.

Now Lady Madeline was stuck in bed, so TP could have moved away and been safe, but she ordered TP to stay close to her. And that's when it started. Her hand came down hard on TP's exposed balls as she slapped them really hard. TP stumbled over a bit, but did not move away. TP knew he better not try to get out of her reach or she would be really mad, but he also knew that his nuts were in for some abuse.

Lady Madeline laughed after that first slap, and then kept on hitting TP's balls. She slapped them, grabbed them, squeezed them, and slapped them some more.... laughing the entire time.

Then Lady Madeline formed a fist, and brought that fist up into TP's sore balls really hard. TP stumbled backwards and doubled over in pain, but stayed standing. Barely. TP felt like he was going to vomit. His balls hurt so bad from that uppercut blow from his Mistress's fist.

TP looked over at Lady Madeline, and she sternly told him to get back over there within reach. TP slowly made it back over to the bed of his Mistress, and she punched him in the nuts again. TP didn't have time to fall over after this punch, because Lady Madeline quickly slapped him a few more times. TP's nuts had never been that sore before.

But then Lady Madeline was done. She handed took off the gloves and told TP to throw them away. She then instructed TP to get dressed and gather the garbage to take out as he left. TP's chores were done for the day, and TP was leaving his wonderful Mistress... taking his sore balls with him.