Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sexism in America Today

Recently Lady Madeline gave me an assignment to list all the ways sexism still exist in today's American society. This is the list TP came up with. There are surely more than this, but this is what TP's tiny brain was able to come up with.
  1. Women earn less money then men.
  2. In fact, women earn only 77 cents on a man's dollar.
  3. Women are passed over for jobs in favor of men that are no more qualified, and often less qualified.
  4. Qualities that are admirable in men are seen as flaws in women.
  5. Character traits, such as being aggressive or demanding, may result in women being classified as a "bitch"
  6. Sexual harassment of women in the workplace is still common.
  7. Women are pigeonholed into certain jobs such as administrative assistant or receptionist.
  8. Certain professions still tend to not take women seriously, such as architecture or engineering.
  9. Women in management positions are not taken as seriously as men.
  10. Women are not provided as many opportunities to advance in the workplace.
  11. Older men are seen as wise and possible still attractive while older women are not looked upon favorably.
  12. Body standards are much different for men and women.
  13. Overweight men are not met with nearly as much disapproval as overweight women.
  14. A women's value is measured more on her looks than her intelligence or character.
  15. Parenting is seen as the responsibility of women primarily.
  16. Strict discipline is still seen as being the job of the father, while care-giving is seen as the job of the mother.
  17. Marital status defines women more than it does men.
  18. Women who do not want to have children are looked down upon.
  19. Women have to wait for a man to propose to them
  20. A woman's worth is measured by the size of the engagement ring she is given by a man.
  21. Women are still expected to change their name when they get married.
  22. Women are more likely to give up their career to raise children then men are.
  23. Men are uncomfortable when women make more money than they do.
  24. Female celebrities are more likely to be required to become sex objects to become famous.
  25. Women are nude in films a lot more than men.
  26. Women are often given supporting roles in television and movies.
  27. Female characters are often not as developed as male characters in television and movies.
  28. Women are usually portrayed as a "damsel in distress" in television, movies, and video games.
  29. Strong female characters are seen as "bitchy"... for example Skyler White from Breaking Bad.
  30. Women are rarely the main protagonist or antagonist unless women are the primary target audience.
  31. Lead female characters are often still objectified as sex objects.
  32. Female musicians that are not singers are still seen as novelties.
  33. Female singers are required to sell their sexuality in addition to their musical ability.
  34. Women are less likely to won awards such as Oscars.
  35. Certain careers, such as teacher or nurse, are still seen as for women only
  36. Women have a much tougher time being elected to political office.

Monday, December 9, 2013

As God As My Witness... Please Think of the Turkeys


The holidays are a tough time for turkeys. Around 30% of the turkey eaten in the US happens around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But there are better ways to eat turkey for your holiday dinner... more responsible and caring ways.

Obviously we know that Turkeys cannot fly, which can lead to disaster...

Dropping turkeys from a helicopter is probably not on your agenda for the holidays. Eating turkey probably is, and if you are going to do that please think of the source of your turkey. There are many benefits of eating organic turkey. They taste better than the genetically modified turkeys you are likely to find at most big supermarkets, but more importantly they are much better for you.

But forget about us humans... what about the turkeys? Factory farms are horrible for animals. It's inhumane and disgusting. But one thing you can do is look for pasture raised turkeys. Not just organic, because that designation means only reaching certain minimum requirements. Do your research and ask your grocer. Even better is to find local farms and buy the turkey directly from them. You'll be supporting small business and supporting farmers that raise their turkeys in a humane way. It's a win/win.

One last thing you can do is make a donation that supports the effort to end farm animal abuse. Or even adopt a turkey. It won't help the turkeys slaughtered for past holiday meals, but it can help for next fall and beyond.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Clit-Dick in a Black & White Ribbon

Mistress wanted to see my little clit-dick dressed up, so here it is wrapped in a fancy black & white ribbon.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clit Dicks Pee on Their Balls

It's been a couple years since Lady Madeline ordered TP to sit when he pees, and now it seems so normal. It makes sense really. TP's dick is more like a clit than a penis. Only men stand to pee, and men don't have clits. So sitting really is natural when your dick is tiny.

A nice benefit of sitting to pee is it's a reminder of my amazing Mistress. Every time TP turns around and lowers himself onto a toilet he remembers that it is because Lady Madeline told him to. TP thinks about his Mistress a lot anyway, but little reminders are nice.

But, even sitting to pee doesn't work perfectly. For example, a week or so ago TP went to use the bathroom after waking up, and while half asleep sitting on the toilet TP felt something weird. TP felt wetness on his balls. TP was pissing on his own balls! How sad is that? Even sitting down to pee doesn't work with a pathetic excuse for a penis like the one TP has.

TP has heard that joke before... a dick so small you pee on your balls... but it really happens to him. And as you can see by this picture of what his little dick looks like when he is sitting, it is easy to do. TP's balls stuck out a lot farther then his dick does. It's amazing TP doesn't pee on his balls more often. How sad.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Study Says BDSM Correlated With Better Mental Health, Lady Madeline Says TP Is Still Crazy

Well it looks like all us kinky people are not so nuts after all. According to a recent study, people into BDSM are more mentally healthy than people into vanilla sex. Well, my Mistress still says TP is crazy. And she has to be right. Why else would TP enjoy getting pissed on and having his balls smacked? Anyway... all the rest of you BDSM freaks appear to be sane.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Amazing Years Serving Lady Madeline

Ten years ago today TP's life changed forever. On this date in 2003, TP had his very first session with Lady Madeline. Can you believe that? Ten years! TP would have never thought that session would lead to anything more than a fun and frightening hour, but here we are. Getting to serve Lady Madeline has been one of the most amazing experiences of TP's life.

Ten years ago TP was still new to San Francisco. TP had also decided he was done with BDSM. TP still felt submissive, and was a pervy little freak, but thought he shouldn't be sessioning anymore for some reason. Maybe it was the old catholic guilt. But as a new resident of the city it couldn't hurt to check out the local Dommes' websites... right? Well one website caught TP's attention, and TP kept going back and back and back until one day TP broke down and scheduled a session. It was the best decision TP ever made.

It's hard to believe that session was ten years ago. TP still remembers how amazing Lady Madeline looked when she opened the door to greet a very nervous loser with a little dick.

That session led to another, and then another, and then a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret... and soon Lady Madeline was controlling all of TP's orgasms. Then she allowed TP to be her delivery boy, bringing her breakfast on Saturday mornings. Eventually she let TP inside her apartment and gave TP chores to do... dishes, and sweeping and stuff like that.

Then she gave TP a collar.

TP was so happy. TP had not only become the property of an amazing Domme, but he was able to live out all the kinky fantasies he had in his perverted head.

But the main thing was getting to know Lady Madeline as a person. She is so smart and talented and TP considers her a friend. A friend that just happens to also own him!

After a couple years of serving as Lady Madeline's houseboy, life took TP back to Chicago. TP was heartbroken to leave his Mistress, but had no choice. So TP stopped serving for a couple years. We stayed in touch with emails every so often, but it wasn't the same.

Eventually TP got the BDSM bug again, and called a phone line Domme. It was fun, but TP missed his old Mistress. That phone Domme had some humiliating pictures of TP on her website, so TP decided to email Lady Madeline to show her. TP thought she would find it funny, but secretly TP wanted to admit to her that he had called another Domme. TP felt guilty, even though Lady Madeline did not do phone sessions. TP always felt loyal to Lady Madeline.

And then an email came from Lady Madeline suggesting what TP had been hoping for... she wanted to play again! She wanted me to serve long distance! She was semi-retired and missed having a pathetic slut to humiliate and suggested we start up again. TP had never been happier!

And here we are... after taking a break for a couple years, TP is still loyal to his amazing and beautiful owner. TP hopes to serve Lady Madeline forever, but even if for some reason the BDSM part stops someday, he knows he has a friend for life. A friend that pees on him, but a friend non the less.

Happy anniversary, Mistress.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Size Matters: Professor Michael Jennions

This shouldn't surprise anyone, but there is now scientific proof that women prefer a bigger penis. So stop lying ladies.... tell the truth. Size matters!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Smashing My Junk with a Toilet Seat

Lady Madeline likes for TP to feel pain when she has to suffer, and since she had bad cramps recently she decided TP needed to feel some pain in his cock and balls. So TP dropped a toilet seat on them.

And yes, that is an erection. Seriously.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Slave Memories: Bed-rest Ballbusting

Back when TP served as houseboy to Lady Madeline he had regular chores he had to complete each time he came over... clean the litter box, do the dishes, take out the garbage, sweep the floor... but every so often Mistress would have something else that needed to be done. One day Mistress wanted TP to straighten up her bedroom, including the BDSM toys she had lying around. But Mistress had recently twisted her knee, and was stuck in bed. She couldn't really put weight on her leg, so she was ordering TP around from her bed and telling him where things went.

The last thing TP had to put away was a box of rubber medical gloves. But Mistress did not tell TP where to put them away. Instead she told TP to bring them to her.

Usually when TP served as houseboy he only wore two things... his collar, and a pair of panties. But this particular day TP did not have any panties to wear. This meant TP was naked, and his pathetic tiny penis was exposed for Lady Madeline to see. But it also meant his balls were exposed. Maybe this is what inspired Lady Madeline to have TP bring her the box of rubber gloves, because as soon as she had them she put them on and grabbed TP by the nuts. Mistress was not going to touch TP's disgusting genitals with her bare hands, especially since she could not easily walk to the bathroom to wash her hands.

Now Lady Madeline was stuck in bed, so TP could have moved away and been safe, but she ordered TP to stay close to her. And that's when it started. Her hand came down hard on TP's exposed balls as she slapped them really hard. TP stumbled over a bit, but did not move away. TP knew he better not try to get out of her reach or she would be really mad, but he also knew that his nuts were in for some abuse.

Lady Madeline laughed after that first slap, and then kept on hitting TP's balls. She slapped them, grabbed them, squeezed them, and slapped them some more.... laughing the entire time.

Then Lady Madeline formed a fist, and brought that fist up into TP's sore balls really hard. TP stumbled backwards and doubled over in pain, but stayed standing. Barely. TP felt like he was going to vomit. His balls hurt so bad from that uppercut blow from his Mistress's fist.

TP looked over at Lady Madeline, and she sternly told him to get back over there within reach. TP slowly made it back over to the bed of his Mistress, and she punched him in the nuts again. TP didn't have time to fall over after this punch, because Lady Madeline quickly slapped him a few more times. TP's nuts had never been that sore before.

But then Lady Madeline was done. She handed took off the gloves and told TP to throw them away. She then instructed TP to get dressed and gather the garbage to take out as he left. TP's chores were done for the day, and TP was leaving his wonderful Mistress... taking his sore balls with him.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chat with Mistress and Public Humiliation..."I Have Diarrhea!"

It's rare when TP's schedule and Lady Madeline's schedule allow us to spend a lot of time texting or chatting,  but one day last week TP got lucky and was able to interact with his amazing Mistress all day. And of course that mean TP had to humiliate himself in public.

Mistress said she was kind of bored with TP pissing his pants in public, and she had a new idea. She told TP she was laughing as she texted TP about it, and was laughing as she emailed TP the instructions. TP hadn't even done it yet and she was laughing! TP was nervous, and had no idea what to expect.

Mistress wanted TP to go out in public and run up to people desperately tell them "I HAVE REALLY BAD DIARRHEA!!! WHERE IS THE NEAREST BATHROOM??!!"... all while clutching my butt. This was going to be interesting.

TP's first target was a mail lady on her route. Mistress wanted to hear what was going on, so TP set his phone to record video, but didn't make it obvious. Mistress would be able to hear, but not see much. So TP runs up to the mail lady yelling about his diarrhea, and she laughs right at TP while giving him a side-eye look. She thought TP was a freak, but she pointed out the nearest restaurant with a bathroom so TP thanked her and scooted off.

Then TP saw a nail salon worker on a smoke break, so TP did the same thing. She did not laugh, but looked at TP like he was a weirdo. She popped her head into the nail salon and asked the boss of TP could use the bathroom, but she said no... so TP scooted off again.

TP got pretty good audio of both times, and Lady Madeline thought it was hilarious! TP loves making her laugh.

Later that day TP did it two more times in small stores. The first lady seemed weirded out by TP and said there was a KFC across the street with a bathroom. The second one seemed concerned for me, and offered to ask her manager if TP could use the employee bathroom. TP thanked her but yelled out "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WAIT... GOTTA GO!!" and ran out of the store.

Mistress was very amused.

Later that night TP was lucky enough to have a nice chat on the phone with Lady Madeline. Mistress and TP talked about a lot of things... she has a friend that reads this blog and think's TP's baby dick is ridiculous... her well hung boyfriend (with a 9 inch dick) thinks TP is crazy for humiliating himself... Mistress asked if sitting to pee seemed normal to TP now (it does)... and she told TP a story about a friend that met a great guy on a dating site only to be disappointed when she found out the guy had a tiny penis. Her friend dumped the guy, of course.

Mistress had TP tie his little cock and balls up really tight and slap them. TP kept slapping and slapping and slapping, and realized Mistress did not tell him how many times or for how long to slap them. So TP kept going, waiting for her instruction. TP started to think she wasn't going to anything, but didn't want to stop without permission. TP did not know what to do. He wasn't even sure if she was still on the phone. Eventually TP gave up and asked her if he could stop slapping his balls. She said yes, and that she wanted to see how long TP would keep going. TP told her he had figured she was testing him and decided if he never asked to stop he would still be slapping his balls today.

Then Mistress told TP to spit on his little tiny dick, but TP kept missing. TP's big fat belly was in the way, and his dick was such a small target. Mistress was disgusted at the thought of a man so fat that he couldn't even see his dick to spit on it.

It was almost time to end the call, and Mistress said since TP had amused her with the diarrhea public humiliation, she would allow TP to release, but he had to do it while humping his pillow. She told TP she was going to hang up but text him when she wanted him to cum. So TP humped and humped and humped until his phone buzzed. She had texted "now!" and TP came all over his pillow. It was everywhere, on his belly and all over the pillow case. TP laid there totally spent, speechless and weak. It was an incredibly intense release. Mistress texted back again a few minutes later asking if he did it, and TP wrote back apologizing for not letting her know that he did, but it was only because he was weak from the intensity of the release. The TP licked it all of the pillow case.

TP loves talking to his Mistress and wishes he could do it more often. He still gets nervous when he is about to hear her voice. It is such an honor to serve her and be able to amuse her. TP wishes he could talk to her every day.

Monday, January 7, 2013

TP the Twitter Slut

TP has a confession to make. TP is a slut on twitter. It is so pathetic, but TP loves attention, and TP gets it on twitter. As a result TP is a flirt. Probably too much, and he hopes it doesn't upset and disrespect his Mistress, Lady Madeline.

Twitter has been great for TP. TP really feels like he belongs there, and gets to be himself. Meaning, TP gets to be open about his kinks and fetishes. For some reason it seems to be accepted there. Or if it's not, people simply unfollow. There is a great BDSM community on twitter, and TP fits right in. TP has met male and female subs, male doms, porn stars, Dommes, and Dommes that are porn stars. There are even a lot of kink friendly vanilla women that talk to TP.... they even tease TP about his small penis!

TP does get a lot of SPH on twitter. It's really surprising how much it happens. In the real world showing people your dick gets you thrown in jail. On twitter when TP tweets a dick pic, if he isn't too weird about it, he gets teased. It's a lot of fun. But that's when TP struggles with the fun going too far. Lady Madeline is my Mistress. TP has served her for almost 10 years now. 10 years! So how is TP supposed to react to other Dommes teasing him on twitter? There is a fine line between some SPH and becoming a full on attention whore that disrespects his Mistress. The last thing TP would ever want to do is disrespect Lady Madeline. But where is that line crossed? Is starring a Domme's tweet too much? Is retweeting a Domme too much? Is complimenting her too much?

TP probably flirts too much, but he doesn't think it crosses the line with the women he flirts with. Part of the reason has to be because of Lady Madeline's training. She has made TP into a much better slave than he ever thought he could be, and even when he does flirt TP still has manners and shows respect to the Dommes on twitter.

Also, TP makes it clear that he is very loyal to Lady Madeline. He is not trying to be the slave of every Domme on twitter. TP tries to just have fun with it, and they must not mind because a lot of Dommes tease him. TP does his best to not be a pest, a nuisance, or annoying in any way. It must be working because the twitter Dommes don't seem to be annoyed with me...yet. TP is as gentlemanly as he can be, and this is thanks to the training he has received from Lady Madeline.

Another reason TP gets so flirty on twitter is he can do it with out fear of embarrassment, because embarrassment is expected! In real life TP has always been intimidated by women and not good at flirting, but TP's followers already know is he is a pathetic dork, so TP embraces the possible embarrassment.

TP would never be so flirty with his Mistress. He has too much respect for her. TP is so far beneath her that he could never be that playful with her. In fact, she does not even allow TP to masturbate while thinking about her sexually. TP fantasizes about her pissing on his face, or punching his balls, or allowing him to kiss her feet or beautiful ass, but never ever fantasizes about her in a vanilla sexual way.

Mistress doesn't really like twitter, and hasn't taken to it like TP has. It's kind of funny that it was her idea for us to join. TP is glad she suggested it, because he feels at home there. TP always gets to be the submissive loser with a tiny dick because he always has his smart phone handy. Nobody in the real world knows, but everyone on twitter does.

So hopefully TP doesn't cross the line and flirt too much with his female twitter followers, whether they are porn stars, vanilla, or especially Dommes. TP hopes everyone knows where his loyalties are... with Lady Madeline of course! TP hopes his Mistress is not annoyed with his constant slutty behavior on twitter, and that she knows he does his best to represent her well. TP knows she can take twitter away from me at any time, and hopes she knows that as long as he gets to be her slave he could live without twitter. But TP can't live without Lady Madeline.