Friday, December 7, 2012

Sunglasses = Cool

Some of TP's twitter followers recently requested that he re-create this photo:

So here is TP's attempt to make his little dick look cool. This is for @Treoby, @breeski, and of course @MissVarla.

Friday, November 30, 2012

An Apology to Lady Madeline

I'm an idiot. I'm lazy. I've also been a pretty shitty slave recently. My amazing Mistress, Lady Madeline, is kind enough to give me rules to follow and to allow me the privilege of being her slave, but last week I took her for granted and did not complete my tasks. I made lame excuses about being busy with work, the holiday, and having family visiting. Instead of working around these interruptions, I blew off my slave duties and responsibilities. Any attempts I made to accomplish what Mistress ordered me to do were pathetic. I assumed I could make up for it this week, but I am not her slave on my schedule. None of the inconveniences that I used as reasons to not complete my tasks were serious enough to keep me from getting them done. I was lazy and worthless. I did not deserve to be her slave, and I feel so awful for disappointing her. She deserves the best.

So this week, instead of making up for last week's laziness, Mistress basically stripped me of being her slave. I hope it is only temporary. She did not allow me to drink pee for her. She did not allow me to touch hurt my little penis for her. She did not allow me to refer to myself in 3rd person. The name "TP" is for her slave, not some moron that can't do anything right.

She did give me some punishment. First, I was not allowed to even tough my tiny dick, and I have not. There have been no self-releases. Second, she ordered me to send 25 letters to companies that test on animals to protest their horrible actions against innocent animals. I have completed this task.

I can only hope Lady Madeline can forgive me for being such a horrible slave last week. I am truly truly very sorry, Mistress. It will not happen again, I promise. Mistress...I am begging for your forgiveness. I am sorry.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Public Humiliation at the Dollar Store

Lady Madeline really enjoys when TP humiliates himself. It really amuses her. And one of her favorite humiliating things for TP to do is piss his pants in public. So Sunday morning TP drank a lot of water, and then went for a walk with a full bladder.

There were not that many people out in the neighborhood even though it was a nice day, so TP decided to go into a Dollar Store and do it there. Mistress insists someone sees TP pissing himself, so he had to find some people, and the Dollar Store seemed like a good place. After walking around a bit TP stopped in an aisle next to a woman stocking shelves and pretended to look at some Christmas decorations. She was kneeling close to TP putting stuff on a low shelf. So TP started to pee. It started slow at first and TP wasn't sure if his jeans were even getting wet or just his boxers. Then after a few seconds it really stated to come and TP could tell that his pants were wet. TP could feel the wetness all on his inner thighs. TP was not sure of she noticed though. TP did not want to be too obvious and look right at her to see her reaction.

So then TP went to the next aisle over where another woman was stocking shelves. She definitely saw. She looked right at TP's wet crotch and at TP's face and then at TP's crotch again. She smirked and looked at TP like he was crazy. TP squeezed out some more pee, and she immediately left the aisle and went to talk to the girl in the other aisle that TP first pissed himself in front off.

TP positioned himself in a way that he could observe them and they were talking and shaking their heads and laughing. Then the second girl looked up and saw TP across the store and yelled out "can we help you find something?" but TP said no thanks and immediately left.

When TP arrived home his neighbor came out and stopped TP because she had some of TP's mail by mistake. This was a nightmare for TP. He was worried his neighbor was going to see his pee pee pants. But she stopped TP before TP could get into his apartment. TP tried to stand in a way that she could not see his crotch, but that was really awkward. TP is not sure of she noticed his piss stained pants because she didn't seem to react, but there is a good chance she did.

Before she went back into her apartment her cat ran out her door and into the stairwell up to TP's apartment, so TP had to help get the cat while the neighbor was standing lower on the stairs at eye level with TP's wet crotch. He tried to grab it while facing his wet crotch away from her, but she most likely noticed.

So now TP's neighbor most likely thinks of TP as a pathetic weirdo that pisses himself. Great.

This is what TP's wet pants looked like when he got home, right after seeing his neighbor.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rules When Mistress Is On Her Period

Lady Madeline has some new rules for me to follow whenever she is on her period.

1. Whenever touching my little dick while Mistress is on her period, there must be a tampon in my ass. That includes teasing it, or when she allows a full release. TP has never had a tampon in his ass before, and it made me feel like even less of a man to have a tampon string hanging out of my asshole.

2. Whenever Mistress has to deal with cramps during her period, TP has to deal with pain on his little dick. During her period TP has to inflict pain five times a day by putting clothespins on his dick, poking it with something sharp, and snapping it with a rubber band.

TP would happily suffer the cramps for her, but that is not possible, so suffering some pain with her is the least TP can do.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pissing My Pants at a Bus Stop

TP's Mistress, Lady Madeline, really enjoys it when TP embarrasses himself in public by pissing his pants. TP did just that recently, and here is what happened....

It was really embarrassing. At first TP walked around his neighborhood looking for a place to do it, but it is hard to get people to notice you when everyone is walking around. There were a ton of families out, and some rough looking dudes that kind of intimidated me. TP's new neighborhood is not as nice as my old neighborhood. TP was too scared to be caught pissing his pants by some tough looking younger guys. 

TP decided the best way for someone to see me do it was at a bus stop since everyone would be standing still. TP went to a nearby stop, and there was a woman there, but she was on her phone facing away and TP could not get in her line of sight. Then a couple showed up and TP got nervous, but before TP could do it the bus came. So TP kept walking, but there was nobody at any bus stops. So TP went into an Auto Zone store (which reminded TP of buying the funnel his Mistress used to use to piss in his mouth) and nervously walked around. TP decided to go buy a Cherry Coke from the cooler near the counter and piss himself while paying because surely the woman would notice then. Well, TP paid for his drank and squeezed out some pee, but it was hard to time right. TP definitely peed while paying for the drink, and was not able to talk to the woman because he was concentrating on peeing so he looked stupid, but not that much pee came out and she didn't seem to notice that.

So TP kept walking around and drinking his Cherry Coke, and noticed a woman sitting at a bust stop, so TP stood there and let the pee go, getting his jeans really wet. TP peed a lot while standing there, but still wasn't sure the woman noticed. She was kind of interesting.... at first glance she looked to be a normal woman in her 30's with long brown hair, but then TP noticed she was missing some teeth and looked bad. She could have been a meth addict or something.

Well since Mistress said someone HAD to see TP do this, TP decided to say to her "uh oh, I think I pissed myself". TP just came right out and said it. She looked at me, and looked at my wet pants, rolled her eyes and said "yep, you did". Then TP nervously said "what should I do?" and she said "go home and change, and just say you spilled something on yourself".

So TP left, went home, and started the laundry. Here's a picture of TP's piss covered jeans before he put them in the wash.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Finger Jerk Off Technique

This is how you have to jerk off a tiny little dick like mine. Thanks to Lady Madeline for allowing me to release.

Little Cutie

Awww.... my little dick looks so cute with a little hairdo and a pink bow.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Dependence Day!

Happy Dependence Day to all my fellow subs and slaves out there.... and of course to my amazing Mistress, Lady Madeline. While most of the US celebrates freedom, TP is celebrating his lack of freedom. That is because TP is officially the slave of Lady Madeline. She owns me. TP is her property.... for real.

That is because we have recently signed a new contract! Her ownership of me is written down and signed by the both of us. You cannot imagine how excited and happy and honored TP is to have a new contract with the most perfect woman he has ever met.

In the nine years TP has served his Mistress, this will be our third contract. But the first we have had since TP left San Francisco and was limited to long distance service. TP was lucky enough to sign two different contract in those first few years, but the last one expired when TP moved and my service went on a sort of hiatus. But in the last few years our relationship as Owner/slave has grown strong even with the thousands of miles between us, and Mistress drew up a new contract. Of course some of the rules are different because of the limitations of serving from so far away, but even still it is very clear about what TP is. TP is hers.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Curtsy for Mistress

Back when TP was Lady Madeline's houseboy she required me to curtsy for her all the time. It was a nice way of showing respect for my owner. Etiquette is very important to my Mistress.

She recently had me take a picture demonstrating that curtsy. It's been a long time though and my form kind of sucks. And oh yeah, my fat body is disgusting to look at. Sorry about that, but Mistress wants to humiliate me, and what better way than to expose my gut and manboobs to the worlds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Public Pants Pissing

Lady Madeline has ordered me to piss my pants in public again. Actually, she wants me to do it on a regular basis. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day in Chicago, and unseasonably warm, so TP thought it would be a good idea to go outside and pee myself because there would be plenty of people to see me do it. Well there were plenty of people enjoying the weather, but it is hard to say how many people noticed that my pants were soaked with my own piss. This is what they looked like all wet.

After walking around my neighborhood TP decided to do it at a bus stop. A woman approached, and when she was about 20 feet away TP started to pee. It is not easy to pee your pants. We're trained from the time we are babies not to do this, so it is kind of hard to force yourself to go in your pants. But the piss started to flow making the crotch and inside leg of my jeans soaking wet. But the woman didn't notice! At least she didn't let on that she could see what was happening. Since that didn't work it was time to keep walking. There were a ton of people out, but nobody seemed to notice my wet pants as they walked by. Finally a guy wearing sunglasses seemed to notice, and he gave me an awkward look. A few more people gave me awkward smiles, but the pee was starting to dry so they may have just been saying hello. Finally another woman approached and TP peed some more. TP had been holding the rest of it so when it started to come this time there was no stopping it. My pants were really soaked this time. You could even hear it hitting the inside of my jeans. She had to have noticed, but did not react. 

After finally soaking my pants as much as possible it was time to walk down a major street. A few people gave me quick weird looks, but nobody really reacted much. They had to have seen how wet my pants were and that it started at my crotch. At this point it started to really sink in how humiliating this was. These people had to think it was disgusting. TP started to feel like a real freak, so it was time to hurry home and do some laundry.

Hopefully Lady Madeline enjoys hearing about how stupid her slave felt while walking around the city wearing piss soaked jeans.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slave Memories: Chained to the Sink

One moment that Tiny remembers was something so simple and quick that Lady Madeline surely has no recollection of it, but it was exciting to me. One of my chores as Lady Madeline's houseboy was to do her dishes. That is probably the one thing Tiny did every time he was in her apartment. One day while washing her dirty plates, wearing nothing  but a pair of thong panties and my collar, Mistress walked into the kitchen and attached a leash to the collar. She then wrapped the end of the leash around a handle of a cabinet. She didn't tie it or lock it, just wrapped it. Tiny obviously could have moved, but of course Tiny would never unwrap the leash. Tiny was not going to move until she allowed it.

Tiny was only kept there for a short time while he did the dishes. And Mistress did not say much when she tied me there. But Tiny felt really secure. He felt so owned by her. Even with the ability to untie the leash, it felt as if Tiny was stuck in the most secure binding possible. He was stuck under the control of Lady Madeline, and it was the best feeling in the world.