Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pissing My Pants at a Bus Stop

TP's Mistress, Lady Madeline, really enjoys it when TP embarrasses himself in public by pissing his pants. TP did just that recently, and here is what happened....

It was really embarrassing. At first TP walked around his neighborhood looking for a place to do it, but it is hard to get people to notice you when everyone is walking around. There were a ton of families out, and some rough looking dudes that kind of intimidated me. TP's new neighborhood is not as nice as my old neighborhood. TP was too scared to be caught pissing his pants by some tough looking younger guys. 

TP decided the best way for someone to see me do it was at a bus stop since everyone would be standing still. TP went to a nearby stop, and there was a woman there, but she was on her phone facing away and TP could not get in her line of sight. Then a couple showed up and TP got nervous, but before TP could do it the bus came. So TP kept walking, but there was nobody at any bus stops. So TP went into an Auto Zone store (which reminded TP of buying the funnel his Mistress used to use to piss in his mouth) and nervously walked around. TP decided to go buy a Cherry Coke from the cooler near the counter and piss himself while paying because surely the woman would notice then. Well, TP paid for his drank and squeezed out some pee, but it was hard to time right. TP definitely peed while paying for the drink, and was not able to talk to the woman because he was concentrating on peeing so he looked stupid, but not that much pee came out and she didn't seem to notice that.

So TP kept walking around and drinking his Cherry Coke, and noticed a woman sitting at a bust stop, so TP stood there and let the pee go, getting his jeans really wet. TP peed a lot while standing there, but still wasn't sure the woman noticed. She was kind of interesting.... at first glance she looked to be a normal woman in her 30's with long brown hair, but then TP noticed she was missing some teeth and looked bad. She could have been a meth addict or something.

Well since Mistress said someone HAD to see TP do this, TP decided to say to her "uh oh, I think I pissed myself". TP just came right out and said it. She looked at me, and looked at my wet pants, rolled her eyes and said "yep, you did". Then TP nervously said "what should I do?" and she said "go home and change, and just say you spilled something on yourself".

So TP left, went home, and started the laundry. Here's a picture of TP's piss covered jeans before he put them in the wash.