Sunday, June 16, 2013

Study Says BDSM Correlated With Better Mental Health, Lady Madeline Says TP Is Still Crazy

Well it looks like all us kinky people are not so nuts after all. According to a recent study, people into BDSM are more mentally healthy than people into vanilla sex. Well, my Mistress still says TP is crazy. And she has to be right. Why else would TP enjoy getting pissed on and having his balls smacked? Anyway... all the rest of you BDSM freaks appear to be sane.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Amazing Years Serving Lady Madeline

Ten years ago today TP's life changed forever. On this date in 2003, TP had his very first session with Lady Madeline. Can you believe that? Ten years! TP would have never thought that session would lead to anything more than a fun and frightening hour, but here we are. Getting to serve Lady Madeline has been one of the most amazing experiences of TP's life.

Ten years ago TP was still new to San Francisco. TP had also decided he was done with BDSM. TP still felt submissive, and was a pervy little freak, but thought he shouldn't be sessioning anymore for some reason. Maybe it was the old catholic guilt. But as a new resident of the city it couldn't hurt to check out the local Dommes' websites... right? Well one website caught TP's attention, and TP kept going back and back and back until one day TP broke down and scheduled a session. It was the best decision TP ever made.

It's hard to believe that session was ten years ago. TP still remembers how amazing Lady Madeline looked when she opened the door to greet a very nervous loser with a little dick.

That session led to another, and then another, and then a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret... and soon Lady Madeline was controlling all of TP's orgasms. Then she allowed TP to be her delivery boy, bringing her breakfast on Saturday mornings. Eventually she let TP inside her apartment and gave TP chores to do... dishes, and sweeping and stuff like that.

Then she gave TP a collar.

TP was so happy. TP had not only become the property of an amazing Domme, but he was able to live out all the kinky fantasies he had in his perverted head.

But the main thing was getting to know Lady Madeline as a person. She is so smart and talented and TP considers her a friend. A friend that just happens to also own him!

After a couple years of serving as Lady Madeline's houseboy, life took TP back to Chicago. TP was heartbroken to leave his Mistress, but had no choice. So TP stopped serving for a couple years. We stayed in touch with emails every so often, but it wasn't the same.

Eventually TP got the BDSM bug again, and called a phone line Domme. It was fun, but TP missed his old Mistress. That phone Domme had some humiliating pictures of TP on her website, so TP decided to email Lady Madeline to show her. TP thought she would find it funny, but secretly TP wanted to admit to her that he had called another Domme. TP felt guilty, even though Lady Madeline did not do phone sessions. TP always felt loyal to Lady Madeline.

And then an email came from Lady Madeline suggesting what TP had been hoping for... she wanted to play again! She wanted me to serve long distance! She was semi-retired and missed having a pathetic slut to humiliate and suggested we start up again. TP had never been happier!

And here we are... after taking a break for a couple years, TP is still loyal to his amazing and beautiful owner. TP hopes to serve Lady Madeline forever, but even if for some reason the BDSM part stops someday, he knows he has a friend for life. A friend that pees on him, but a friend non the less.

Happy anniversary, Mistress.