Monday, January 7, 2013

TP the Twitter Slut

TP has a confession to make. TP is a slut on twitter. It is so pathetic, but TP loves attention, and TP gets it on twitter. As a result TP is a flirt. Probably too much, and he hopes it doesn't upset and disrespect his Mistress, Lady Madeline.

Twitter has been great for TP. TP really feels like he belongs there, and gets to be himself. Meaning, TP gets to be open about his kinks and fetishes. For some reason it seems to be accepted there. Or if it's not, people simply unfollow. There is a great BDSM community on twitter, and TP fits right in. TP has met male and female subs, male doms, porn stars, Dommes, and Dommes that are porn stars. There are even a lot of kink friendly vanilla women that talk to TP.... they even tease TP about his small penis!

TP does get a lot of SPH on twitter. It's really surprising how much it happens. In the real world showing people your dick gets you thrown in jail. On twitter when TP tweets a dick pic, if he isn't too weird about it, he gets teased. It's a lot of fun. But that's when TP struggles with the fun going too far. Lady Madeline is my Mistress. TP has served her for almost 10 years now. 10 years! So how is TP supposed to react to other Dommes teasing him on twitter? There is a fine line between some SPH and becoming a full on attention whore that disrespects his Mistress. The last thing TP would ever want to do is disrespect Lady Madeline. But where is that line crossed? Is starring a Domme's tweet too much? Is retweeting a Domme too much? Is complimenting her too much?

TP probably flirts too much, but he doesn't think it crosses the line with the women he flirts with. Part of the reason has to be because of Lady Madeline's training. She has made TP into a much better slave than he ever thought he could be, and even when he does flirt TP still has manners and shows respect to the Dommes on twitter.

Also, TP makes it clear that he is very loyal to Lady Madeline. He is not trying to be the slave of every Domme on twitter. TP tries to just have fun with it, and they must not mind because a lot of Dommes tease him. TP does his best to not be a pest, a nuisance, or annoying in any way. It must be working because the twitter Dommes don't seem to be annoyed with me...yet. TP is as gentlemanly as he can be, and this is thanks to the training he has received from Lady Madeline.

Another reason TP gets so flirty on twitter is he can do it with out fear of embarrassment, because embarrassment is expected! In real life TP has always been intimidated by women and not good at flirting, but TP's followers already know is he is a pathetic dork, so TP embraces the possible embarrassment.

TP would never be so flirty with his Mistress. He has too much respect for her. TP is so far beneath her that he could never be that playful with her. In fact, she does not even allow TP to masturbate while thinking about her sexually. TP fantasizes about her pissing on his face, or punching his balls, or allowing him to kiss her feet or beautiful ass, but never ever fantasizes about her in a vanilla sexual way.

Mistress doesn't really like twitter, and hasn't taken to it like TP has. It's kind of funny that it was her idea for us to join. TP is glad she suggested it, because he feels at home there. TP always gets to be the submissive loser with a tiny dick because he always has his smart phone handy. Nobody in the real world knows, but everyone on twitter does.

So hopefully TP doesn't cross the line and flirt too much with his female twitter followers, whether they are porn stars, vanilla, or especially Dommes. TP hopes everyone knows where his loyalties are... with Lady Madeline of course! TP hopes his Mistress is not annoyed with his constant slutty behavior on twitter, and that she knows he does his best to represent her well. TP knows she can take twitter away from me at any time, and hopes she knows that as long as he gets to be her slave he could live without twitter. But TP can't live without Lady Madeline.