Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sexism in America Today

Recently Lady Madeline gave me an assignment to list all the ways sexism still exist in today's American society. This is the list TP came up with. There are surely more than this, but this is what TP's tiny brain was able to come up with.
  1. Women earn less money then men.
  2. In fact, women earn only 77 cents on a man's dollar.
  3. Women are passed over for jobs in favor of men that are no more qualified, and often less qualified.
  4. Qualities that are admirable in men are seen as flaws in women.
  5. Character traits, such as being aggressive or demanding, may result in women being classified as a "bitch"
  6. Sexual harassment of women in the workplace is still common.
  7. Women are pigeonholed into certain jobs such as administrative assistant or receptionist.
  8. Certain professions still tend to not take women seriously, such as architecture or engineering.
  9. Women in management positions are not taken as seriously as men.
  10. Women are not provided as many opportunities to advance in the workplace.
  11. Older men are seen as wise and possible still attractive while older women are not looked upon favorably.
  12. Body standards are much different for men and women.
  13. Overweight men are not met with nearly as much disapproval as overweight women.
  14. A women's value is measured more on her looks than her intelligence or character.
  15. Parenting is seen as the responsibility of women primarily.
  16. Strict discipline is still seen as being the job of the father, while care-giving is seen as the job of the mother.
  17. Marital status defines women more than it does men.
  18. Women who do not want to have children are looked down upon.
  19. Women have to wait for a man to propose to them
  20. A woman's worth is measured by the size of the engagement ring she is given by a man.
  21. Women are still expected to change their name when they get married.
  22. Women are more likely to give up their career to raise children then men are.
  23. Men are uncomfortable when women make more money than they do.
  24. Female celebrities are more likely to be required to become sex objects to become famous.
  25. Women are nude in films a lot more than men.
  26. Women are often given supporting roles in television and movies.
  27. Female characters are often not as developed as male characters in television and movies.
  28. Women are usually portrayed as a "damsel in distress" in television, movies, and video games.
  29. Strong female characters are seen as "bitchy"... for example Skyler White from Breaking Bad.
  30. Women are rarely the main protagonist or antagonist unless women are the primary target audience.
  31. Lead female characters are often still objectified as sex objects.
  32. Female musicians that are not singers are still seen as novelties.
  33. Female singers are required to sell their sexuality in addition to their musical ability.
  34. Women are less likely to won awards such as Oscars.
  35. Certain careers, such as teacher or nurse, are still seen as for women only
  36. Women have a much tougher time being elected to political office.

Monday, December 9, 2013

As God As My Witness... Please Think of the Turkeys


The holidays are a tough time for turkeys. Around 30% of the turkey eaten in the US happens around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But there are better ways to eat turkey for your holiday dinner... more responsible and caring ways.

Obviously we know that Turkeys cannot fly, which can lead to disaster...

Dropping turkeys from a helicopter is probably not on your agenda for the holidays. Eating turkey probably is, and if you are going to do that please think of the source of your turkey. There are many benefits of eating organic turkey. They taste better than the genetically modified turkeys you are likely to find at most big supermarkets, but more importantly they are much better for you.

But forget about us humans... what about the turkeys? Factory farms are horrible for animals. It's inhumane and disgusting. But one thing you can do is look for pasture raised turkeys. Not just organic, because that designation means only reaching certain minimum requirements. Do your research and ask your grocer. Even better is to find local farms and buy the turkey directly from them. You'll be supporting small business and supporting farmers that raise their turkeys in a humane way. It's a win/win.

One last thing you can do is make a donation that supports the effort to end farm animal abuse. Or even adopt a turkey. It won't help the turkeys slaughtered for past holiday meals, but it can help for next fall and beyond.