Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Dependence Day!

Happy Dependence Day to all my fellow subs and slaves out there.... and of course to my amazing Mistress, Lady Madeline. While most of the US celebrates freedom, TP is celebrating his lack of freedom. That is because TP is officially the slave of Lady Madeline. She owns me. TP is her property.... for real.

That is because we have recently signed a new contract! Her ownership of me is written down and signed by the both of us. You cannot imagine how excited and happy and honored TP is to have a new contract with the most perfect woman he has ever met.

In the nine years TP has served his Mistress, this will be our third contract. But the first we have had since TP left San Francisco and was limited to long distance service. TP was lucky enough to sign two different contract in those first few years, but the last one expired when TP moved and my service went on a sort of hiatus. But in the last few years our relationship as Owner/slave has grown strong even with the thousands of miles between us, and Mistress drew up a new contract. Of course some of the rules are different because of the limitations of serving from so far away, but even still it is very clear about what TP is. TP is hers.