Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clit Dicks Pee on Their Balls

It's been a couple years since Lady Madeline ordered TP to sit when he pees, and now it seems so normal. It makes sense really. TP's dick is more like a clit than a penis. Only men stand to pee, and men don't have clits. So sitting really is natural when your dick is tiny.

A nice benefit of sitting to pee is it's a reminder of my amazing Mistress. Every time TP turns around and lowers himself onto a toilet he remembers that it is because Lady Madeline told him to. TP thinks about his Mistress a lot anyway, but little reminders are nice.

But, even sitting to pee doesn't work perfectly. For example, a week or so ago TP went to use the bathroom after waking up, and while half asleep sitting on the toilet TP felt something weird. TP felt wetness on his balls. TP was pissing on his own balls! How sad is that? Even sitting down to pee doesn't work with a pathetic excuse for a penis like the one TP has.

TP has heard that joke before... a dick so small you pee on your balls... but it really happens to him. And as you can see by this picture of what his little dick looks like when he is sitting, it is easy to do. TP's balls stuck out a lot farther then his dick does. It's amazing TP doesn't pee on his balls more often. How sad.