Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chat with Mistress and Public Humiliation..."I Have Diarrhea!"

It's rare when TP's schedule and Lady Madeline's schedule allow us to spend a lot of time texting or chatting,  but one day last week TP got lucky and was able to interact with his amazing Mistress all day. And of course that mean TP had to humiliate himself in public.

Mistress said she was kind of bored with TP pissing his pants in public, and she had a new idea. She told TP she was laughing as she texted TP about it, and was laughing as she emailed TP the instructions. TP hadn't even done it yet and she was laughing! TP was nervous, and had no idea what to expect.

Mistress wanted TP to go out in public and run up to people desperately tell them "I HAVE REALLY BAD DIARRHEA!!! WHERE IS THE NEAREST BATHROOM??!!"... all while clutching my butt. This was going to be interesting.

TP's first target was a mail lady on her route. Mistress wanted to hear what was going on, so TP set his phone to record video, but didn't make it obvious. Mistress would be able to hear, but not see much. So TP runs up to the mail lady yelling about his diarrhea, and she laughs right at TP while giving him a side-eye look. She thought TP was a freak, but she pointed out the nearest restaurant with a bathroom so TP thanked her and scooted off.

Then TP saw a nail salon worker on a smoke break, so TP did the same thing. She did not laugh, but looked at TP like he was a weirdo. She popped her head into the nail salon and asked the boss of TP could use the bathroom, but she said no... so TP scooted off again.

TP got pretty good audio of both times, and Lady Madeline thought it was hilarious! TP loves making her laugh.

Later that day TP did it two more times in small stores. The first lady seemed weirded out by TP and said there was a KFC across the street with a bathroom. The second one seemed concerned for me, and offered to ask her manager if TP could use the employee bathroom. TP thanked her but yelled out "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WAIT... GOTTA GO!!" and ran out of the store.

Mistress was very amused.

Later that night TP was lucky enough to have a nice chat on the phone with Lady Madeline. Mistress and TP talked about a lot of things... she has a friend that reads this blog and think's TP's baby dick is ridiculous... her well hung boyfriend (with a 9 inch dick) thinks TP is crazy for humiliating himself... Mistress asked if sitting to pee seemed normal to TP now (it does)... and she told TP a story about a friend that met a great guy on a dating site only to be disappointed when she found out the guy had a tiny penis. Her friend dumped the guy, of course.

Mistress had TP tie his little cock and balls up really tight and slap them. TP kept slapping and slapping and slapping, and realized Mistress did not tell him how many times or for how long to slap them. So TP kept going, waiting for her instruction. TP started to think she wasn't going to anything, but didn't want to stop without permission. TP did not know what to do. He wasn't even sure if she was still on the phone. Eventually TP gave up and asked her if he could stop slapping his balls. She said yes, and that she wanted to see how long TP would keep going. TP told her he had figured she was testing him and decided if he never asked to stop he would still be slapping his balls today.

Then Mistress told TP to spit on his little tiny dick, but TP kept missing. TP's big fat belly was in the way, and his dick was such a small target. Mistress was disgusted at the thought of a man so fat that he couldn't even see his dick to spit on it.

It was almost time to end the call, and Mistress said since TP had amused her with the diarrhea public humiliation, she would allow TP to release, but he had to do it while humping his pillow. She told TP she was going to hang up but text him when she wanted him to cum. So TP humped and humped and humped until his phone buzzed. She had texted "now!" and TP came all over his pillow. It was everywhere, on his belly and all over the pillow case. TP laid there totally spent, speechless and weak. It was an incredibly intense release. Mistress texted back again a few minutes later asking if he did it, and TP wrote back apologizing for not letting her know that he did, but it was only because he was weak from the intensity of the release. The TP licked it all of the pillow case.

TP loves talking to his Mistress and wishes he could do it more often. He still gets nervous when he is about to hear her voice. It is such an honor to serve her and be able to amuse her. TP wishes he could talk to her every day.