Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rules When Mistress Is On Her Period

Lady Madeline has some new rules for me to follow whenever she is on her period.

1. Whenever touching my little dick while Mistress is on her period, there must be a tampon in my ass. That includes teasing it, or when she allows a full release. TP has never had a tampon in his ass before, and it made me feel like even less of a man to have a tampon string hanging out of my asshole.

2. Whenever Mistress has to deal with cramps during her period, TP has to deal with pain on his little dick. During her period TP has to inflict pain five times a day by putting clothespins on his dick, poking it with something sharp, and snapping it with a rubber band.

TP would happily suffer the cramps for her, but that is not possible, so suffering some pain with her is the least TP can do.