Monday, November 19, 2012

Public Humiliation at the Dollar Store

Lady Madeline really enjoys when TP humiliates himself. It really amuses her. And one of her favorite humiliating things for TP to do is piss his pants in public. So Sunday morning TP drank a lot of water, and then went for a walk with a full bladder.

There were not that many people out in the neighborhood even though it was a nice day, so TP decided to go into a Dollar Store and do it there. Mistress insists someone sees TP pissing himself, so he had to find some people, and the Dollar Store seemed like a good place. After walking around a bit TP stopped in an aisle next to a woman stocking shelves and pretended to look at some Christmas decorations. She was kneeling close to TP putting stuff on a low shelf. So TP started to pee. It started slow at first and TP wasn't sure if his jeans were even getting wet or just his boxers. Then after a few seconds it really stated to come and TP could tell that his pants were wet. TP could feel the wetness all on his inner thighs. TP was not sure of she noticed though. TP did not want to be too obvious and look right at her to see her reaction.

So then TP went to the next aisle over where another woman was stocking shelves. She definitely saw. She looked right at TP's wet crotch and at TP's face and then at TP's crotch again. She smirked and looked at TP like he was crazy. TP squeezed out some more pee, and she immediately left the aisle and went to talk to the girl in the other aisle that TP first pissed himself in front off.

TP positioned himself in a way that he could observe them and they were talking and shaking their heads and laughing. Then the second girl looked up and saw TP across the store and yelled out "can we help you find something?" but TP said no thanks and immediately left.

When TP arrived home his neighbor came out and stopped TP because she had some of TP's mail by mistake. This was a nightmare for TP. He was worried his neighbor was going to see his pee pee pants. But she stopped TP before TP could get into his apartment. TP tried to stand in a way that she could not see his crotch, but that was really awkward. TP is not sure of she noticed his piss stained pants because she didn't seem to react, but there is a good chance she did.

Before she went back into her apartment her cat ran out her door and into the stairwell up to TP's apartment, so TP had to help get the cat while the neighbor was standing lower on the stairs at eye level with TP's wet crotch. He tried to grab it while facing his wet crotch away from her, but she most likely noticed.

So now TP's neighbor most likely thinks of TP as a pathetic weirdo that pisses himself. Great.

This is what TP's wet pants looked like when he got home, right after seeing his neighbor.

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