Friday, November 30, 2012

An Apology to Lady Madeline

I'm an idiot. I'm lazy. I've also been a pretty shitty slave recently. My amazing Mistress, Lady Madeline, is kind enough to give me rules to follow and to allow me the privilege of being her slave, but last week I took her for granted and did not complete my tasks. I made lame excuses about being busy with work, the holiday, and having family visiting. Instead of working around these interruptions, I blew off my slave duties and responsibilities. Any attempts I made to accomplish what Mistress ordered me to do were pathetic. I assumed I could make up for it this week, but I am not her slave on my schedule. None of the inconveniences that I used as reasons to not complete my tasks were serious enough to keep me from getting them done. I was lazy and worthless. I did not deserve to be her slave, and I feel so awful for disappointing her. She deserves the best.

So this week, instead of making up for last week's laziness, Mistress basically stripped me of being her slave. I hope it is only temporary. She did not allow me to drink pee for her. She did not allow me to touch hurt my little penis for her. She did not allow me to refer to myself in 3rd person. The name "TP" is for her slave, not some moron that can't do anything right.

She did give me some punishment. First, I was not allowed to even tough my tiny dick, and I have not. There have been no self-releases. Second, she ordered me to send 25 letters to companies that test on animals to protest their horrible actions against innocent animals. I have completed this task.

I can only hope Lady Madeline can forgive me for being such a horrible slave last week. I am truly truly very sorry, Mistress. It will not happen again, I promise. Mistress...I am begging for your forgiveness. I am sorry.

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