Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mistress and slave Fighting Sexism

Lady Madeline is once again using her powers for good rather than evil by giving me a new assignment....fighting sexism in advertising. Just like her orders for me to write letters to companies that test on, or mistreat animals, she is now ordering me to start another letter writing campaign. Tiny will be compiling a list of commercials that are sexist, and once Mistress gives her approval, Tiny will start writing complaint letters.

My Mistress is an amazing woman, and orders like this are only part of the reason why. She could stick to assignments that humiliate me, but why stop there? Her control over me is a great way to attempt to make some changes for the better. Her ownership has made me a better person, so it is only natural that it should make the world a better place too.

And it is still a form of torture because it forces Tiny to pay attention to TV commercials which mostly suck.


  1. Lady Madeline sounds like a grand woman indeed! What an excellent use of a slave. ALMOST makes me want to be dominant. If only I could switch it on like that.

  2. She is a grand woman! And it sounds like you might just be a hidden Domme yourself. You should give it a try.