Thursday, August 13, 2009

condom comparison

One of the bad things about having a small penis is finding condoms that work. Regular sized ones slip off of my small dick, and that is a major problem. Take a look at this condom comparison. The one on the left is a normal condom for a normal man. The one in the middle is a small condom. Well, they call them "snugger fit" because most guys would be too embarrassed to buy a small condom, even though that is what it is. It is a little shorter than the normal condom, but that is because the length is not really a big deal. You just unroll it as far as you need, so it can be any length really. The smallness is more in the width. I think you can tell the middle one is narrower. You can definitely tell the opening is smaller.

So what about the condom on the right? Well that is a small condom, but it is only unrolled as far as I need it to cover my small penis. That really puts it in perspective. I only need that much condom to cover my tiny dick, and it is a lot less than the other two.

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