Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big dildo...tiny dick

Here is a picture of my small penis next to a big, thick, seven inch dildo. It dwarfs my dick. Look at how much thicker it is, and it is easily three inches longer. There is no way my dick could compete with a dildo this size...the size of a real man's cock.

Actually, this is not really a dildo. It is a hollow penis extension sleeve. It's a hollow dildo that fits over my small dick that I sometimes wear during sex. How pathetic is that? I have to wear a fake cock to fuck like a real man. I feel totally different when I have it on. I can do so much more in bed when I am wearing it....but then I take it off and feel even smaller than usual.


  1. Sad or funny? I'm guessing it is more funny than sad.

  2. looks good to me if you near oregon and need help getting off or anything
    contact me

  3. in latin tinneyest meatius ha ha