Monday, May 30, 2011

Slave Memories: Actual Size

Here is a quick slave memory......As you can tell by the title of this blog, my overall size is pretty big. And it makes my tiny penis seem even smaller. Well, even though my body is big enough to be called Fatty, Fatty feels small when around Lady Madeline. Her control over me looms so large that my actual size is meaningless. But the thing is, she is very petite. She is way shorter than me. You could even call her small. But Fatty never seemed to notice his size relative to her until one day while out shopping. It was always such an honor to be seen with Mistress in public. There is no way that anyone would ever think we were together, but even if they thought we were friends would be a huge boost to my ego. While shopping together in a Walgreens one day, Fatty caught a glimpse of us in one of those mirrors they use to be able to see the whole store, and it hit me.....she is tiny compared to me! Yes that should be obvious, and Fatty knew she was smaller, but for some reason Fatty felt so small when with her. It was almost as if my physical size was dwarfed by her awesomeness. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but to me it was a small moment that really reinforced her standing in my life.

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