Sunday, May 1, 2011

Slave Memories: The First Session

It had been a couple years since my last session with a Dominatrix when it happened.....her website appeared on my new computer's screen. As a "retired" submissive guy in a new city, curiosity got the best of me and soon my computer was seeking out all of the Dominant Women in San Francisco. After telling myself that there was no need to session anymore, the perfect Domme was right there in my new town. It was a self-imposed retirement, and there really was no plans to session again, but that was not taking Lady Madeline into account. Her website kept calling out to me. Of course her pictures were the main attraction. She is an incredibly beautiful woman. Her pictures were amazing. She looked like the Domme of my dreams, but looks alone were not going to be enough to make me book a session.

There were a lot of good, and bad, websites for bay area Dommes, but her's was so simple and beautifully designed and well-written. And that red she used was perfect. And yeah her pictures... they are worth mentioning again. So my retirement didn't last long before this small-dicked loser got the courage to email her.

That first email made me nervous because she had mentioned on her website that grammar was very important to her. Messing up on the first email would be a huge mistake. The send button was hit, and then the wait began. My patience was not as good as it is today, but that was before her training. Who knows how many times my email was checked hoping for a reply...probably hundreds of times. Finally something new in my inbox! My grammar must have been good enough.

After a couple emails, and nervous phone conversations, the details were set. My first session in years was booked with the Dominant Woman of my dreams. The day of the session arrived and, as instructed, this nervous loser called her when close to the location. Those phone calls were terrifying because of my nerves. In fact, phone calls to Mistress are still terrifying. She intimidates me so much that my nerves are shot whenever dialing her number.

Speaking of nerves when calling her, it sometimes makes me so nervous that it causes a few quick dry heaves. This is embarrassing to admit, but that's her effect on me. Total intimidation.

Finally it was time. Time to meet Lady Madeline in person. The doorway to her play space was covered in a huge flowering plant, and it was like walking into a cave. When she opened the door it was hard to believe, but she was more beautiful than in her pictures, and her pictures were amazing. This is not an exaggeration at all...she is incredibly beautiful.

After saying something stupid like a huge dork we climbed the stairs to the second floor where this dork mumbled more stupid things. She wasn't saying much, but letting me be an idiot. She instructed me to remove my clothes and watched me as her instructions were followed. This is when her famous smirk made its first appearance. She has this mischievous smirk that is both terrifying and gorgeous at the same time. Anyone that has seen it will never forget it. Anyone that has seen it as they take their pants off will be haunted by it forever. That was the first time she saw my tiny pathetic mini penis. She didn't say anything. Her smirk said it all.

This is also when Fatty McDickless produced the tupperware.....a tupperware full of my own cum. This was something we had discussed when planning the session. It was a fantasy of mine to be made to eat a lot of cum, or to receive a facial, so a lot of cum was needed. It seems funny now that the days leading up to my first ever session with her were spent masturbating, since she rarely allows me to do that now, but we had to get all that cum from somewhere right? So it had been in my fridge, getting fuller and fuller with each jerk off session, before the day of our first meeting. It wasn't hard to find the motivation to masturbate, knowing what was coming up soon.

The strange thing is, the details and chronology of the actual session are a bit of a blur. It has been eight years, so maybe that is understandable. Some things still stand out though....

First, her examining me and my disgusting naked body. Looking me up and down. Grabbing my pathetic genitals, and commenting that my balls looked kind of big in relation to my tiny penis.

Second, the slaps and squeezes and torture she applied to my little cock and balls. She really nailed them quite a few times.

Third, being allowed to kiss her feet....what an honor!

Fourth, when she used a large dildo to really beat my balls hard. She said she really wanted me to take some hard hits, and that she would be pleased with me after. She had me lying on the floor, tied down, and legs spread. She then reared back with this large dildo and wailed on my balls. She really nailed them a few times.

Fifth, still on my back on the floor, with her pouring a tupperware full of multiple loads of my cum in my mouth, and laughing while she was doing it. She said she knew part of the fantasy was to receive a facial, but she didn't care. She wanted me to eat it all. She gave me the impression that this was kind of creative on my part, to bring all this cum for her to use in the session, and that she was really entertained by it. She finished by placing the empty tupperware on my face, still laughing at me.

Sixth....the first golden shower she ever gave me. The first of many, but nobody knew that at the time. Luckily there would be more, because my performance was sad. Way too much of it was spilled and not swallowed. Not one drop of her golden nectar should ever be wasted, but when some of it went up my nose it caused me to miss some. My pathetic performance in this first opportunity to be her toilet is one of my biggest regrets as a slave.

It was an amazing session, despite my shortcomings (pun intended). After not sessioning in years, and thinking this would be another one time thing, Fatty McDickless knew he desperately wanted to serve her again. And to think that eight years later she is still giving me the honor of being her slave. Lady Madeline's deliveryboy/cumeater/small-dicked loser is the luckiest slave in the world, and it all started that day.

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