Saturday, April 9, 2011

Putting the "Fat" in Fat and Tiny

Wow, these pictures are gross. It's unbelievable that Mistress was able to stomach me walking around in her apartment wearing nothing but panties while Fatty McDickless did his houseboy duties for her. She ordered me to post some pictures of my fat ass in panties, so here they are.

A very nice lady at Sears helped me pick them out. At first she was a little surprised that they were for me, but then helped me find the biggest panties they had. She did laugh at me when Fatty was hiding them while carrying them in the store. She told me to go ahead and not be ashamed! There's nothing wrong with wearing them. But she was laughing as she told me this.


  1. Your pics are pretty gross. i know the feeling. i am fat too and hate to see myself in pics. i am so glad that your Mistress requires you to degrade yourself. You must feel so humiliated to see yourself over and over like a freak. Please take more degrading pics to honor her. squeee

  2. Nice choice! The woman at Sears clearly did a good job.

  3. Squealing slave....yeah Fatty feels pretty gross. Sometimes when Mistress degrades me it has positive results, because this is motivating me to lose some weight.

    Lady Grinning Soul.....We didn't have too many choices! There were only so many that would fit me. They would probably look better on someone else though. Anyone else actually.