Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slave Memories: Laundry and a Kiss of Her Foot

Back when my Mistress was only a short walk away, as opposed to a long plane ride, spontaneous opportunities to serve her were a realistic possibility. On one such occasion, a beautiful Saturday afternoon, my fat ass was actually going to attempt to get some exercise by playing basketball. On my walk to the court my phone rang. Depending on who Fatty McDickless was with, it wasn't always possible to answer the phone when she called. Luckily, this was one time Lil'Dick was able to answer.

Mistress wanted me to do her laundry! What an honor! This loser was about to be in contact with her most intimate items. Of course, even though there was temptation, nothing disrespectful was ever done with her clothes.

So Fatty went past the park and straight to her apartment to pick up her dirty clothes. Before Lil'Dick walked the couple blocks to the laundromat, he had to put his collar on. It was exciting wearing the collar in public. The laundromat was mostly empty, but there were some people that had to notice. They probably couldn't read the tag though...."property of Lady Madeline"

Because basketball, and not laundry, was on the agenda for the day, this small-dicked dork didn't have anything to read to pass the time. But that was fine. It was more time to think about Mistress.

After the laundry was done and folded, Baby Dick took the laundry back to his Mistress. Both Mistress and her slave were running late at this point, so we both hurried off. But this slave heard his Mistress calling his name as he crossed the street to leave. She was calling out my real name....probably because of the public setting. She never called me by my real name. She only used my slave name or insults. It was kind of nice to hear.

So Loserboy hurried back to Mistress to see what she wanted, but she didn't say a word. She simply put her foot out. In the rush to leave we skipped the only good part about leaving her....kissing her feet. No words were spoken. All that happened was a very happy slave kissing his Mistress's feet. It was a lot more fun than playing basketball.

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