Saturday, March 12, 2011

Slave Memories: Dinner with Mistress....sort of

Before Lady Madeline allowed me into her home to serve as her houseboy she had me meet her at a cafe to talk about some rules I would have to follow. I'm pretty sure she just wanted to get to know me a little better before allowing me into her home. So she ordered me to meet her at a place in her neighborhood for a bite to eat and a little talk.

It was Christmastime, and I was going to fly home the next day, so I was running around trying to finish my shopping before I left. I was rushing to get to the cafe on time, carrying a ton of shopping bags, and saw her sitting at a table in the window when I walked up. I walked up to her and said something stupid. I really don't remember what it was, but I was nervous and flustered from from rushing there. She pointed out that I was almost late and yelled at me for saying the stupid thing.

I wasn't sure if I should sit down or not, so I did nothing. eventually she told me to sit at the next table, because I was not allowed to sit with her. I was pretty excited about being out in public with her. She is so beautiful, and for a dope like me to be with her would be pretty cool. Of course she was thinking the opposite, so there was no way I was going to be allowed to sit with her. The place was almost entirely empty, so sitting one table away was no problem.

She had me order some food at the counter for her, and then we discussed some of the rules I was to follow while I was at home visiting my family over the holiday. She of course restricted the amount of releases I could have, and she also wanted me to post daily on a message board that she used to frequent. Then she gave me a note with an order on it. I was to immediately go to the restroom, masturbate, and eat my cum. At first I thought this is a great order, but as soon as I got into the bathroom I felt kind of silly. She was sitting out there knowing what I was doing. I felt pressure to finish too. It was a pretty exciting way to masturbate compared to what I was usually doing.

When I returned her food was ready, so I got it from the counter and brought it to her. She allowed me to have a drink. I took my seat at the next table facing her as she ate. After a minute she looked up at me and loudly told me to switch seats so I would be facing away from her. She didn't want me staring at her and creeping her out. When I stood up to take another seat I noticed that two women were sitting at the next table. They must have come in while I was in the bathroom because I did not notice them before. The place was still mostly empty and very quiet, and they definitely heard her order me to face away from her. And then in my new seat I sat facing directly at them. I saw a few smirks from them as I sat there like an idiot looking in their direction.

So I did get to be seen in public with my Mistress. Not in the way I was expecting, but in the way I deserved.

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