Friday, February 18, 2011

Punishments 3 and 4: Do Eat the Yellow Snow

After picking my own punishments the first and second time, Lady Madeline picked the last two. And of course she did not make it easy on me. I used to drink her pee a lot when I lived near her, but obviously that is impossible now that I am about 1800 miles away. So now me makes me drink my own pee. I guess since I am her property, my pee IS her pee right? At least that's what I tell myself to make it less gross.

Usually I drink my pee as fast as I can because it is so unpleasant, but this time she wanted me to drink it in public. That was punishment number three. I couldn't chug it to get it over with. I had to take sips in a public place. So I pissed in a water bottle and went for a walk to find a place to sip the urine. The pee in the bottle could have been an energy drink or soda or something, so I seriously doubt anyone would assume it was piss, but I was still nervous. if I did get caught drinking pee I didn't want to be in a store I usually go to, so I stopped into a discount shoe store that I've never been to before. The store was full of middle aged women, and I know she wanted me to do it in front of people, so that would work. I browsed the men's section for awhile, and then pulled the bottle out of my pocket.

As I took my first sip another shopper made direct eye contact with me. I am sure she had no idea what I was actually drinking. At least I think so. It was hard not to make a gross face after tasting the piss. I kept drinking around other shoppers and workers, and people saw me, but I don't think they knew what was really happening.

Now it was time for punishment number four.....eating yellow snow. It is pretty warm for February, and most of the snow from the blizzard a couple of weeks ago is gone, but there is still some left. The fourth punishment was to pour some of the pee in the snow and then eat it. Mistress was hoping someone would see me, and since it was a nice day there were a lot of people out walking around. I was worried more that someone would wonder why I was making a snow cone with my drink and less that they would be grossed out by what the drink was. A few people did walk and drive by while I was eating the snowball, but I don't think anyone saw me making it. The snow was so cold that I didn't taste the pee much, so it wasn't as bad as drinking it. I still felt like an idiot though.

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