Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Rules....No Masturbation Talk, It's Gross

Recently my Mistress had an encounter with someone that offered up way too much information about his masturbation habits. Even though this guy was not unattractive, unlike me, she was disgusted by hearing his little secret. Unfortunately, my Mistress is not able to boss around every male on the planet. But she can order me around, so she is taking out her frustrations on me.

So for the month of February, I am not allowed to talk about my masturbation habits. It really is gross for anyone that reads my blog or twitter to have to hear about rubbing my pathetic, disgusting little nub of a penis. Mistress always controls how and when I masturbate, and how and when I release, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to hear the details. My tiny cock is so revolting that I am sure it makes everyone sick when they read about using two fingers to tug on it.

I am supposed to mention, just once, that I am allowed to release twice a week and eat all of it every time. I am also allowed to edge twice.

I can mention that I have blue balls or that I am frustrated, but no mention of how or when I play with my baby dick.

So the "no masturbation talk" rule is in effect starting.....now!


  1. Well, you might not be permitted to talk about your masturbation habits for awhile, but at least your mistress permits you to cum once a week. That's very kind of her. I will soon be in chastity and will be lucky if I get unlocked once per month.

  2. My Mistress is very generous and allows me to cum more than I deserve. I am very lucky.