Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Is Why It's Hard To Pee With A Tiny Penis

About a week ago I blogged about the difficulties of peeing with a tiny dick. It really does make it hard to pee without making a mess. It was embarrassing to admit I can't pee like a real man, but that was nothing compared to what I'm about to do....provide visual evidence. You're about to see why my little penis makes is difficult to take a piss.

Here you can see that my little stub of a penis barely peeks past the fly of my pants. Most men whip out their cocks when they step up to a urinal, but I have to push my fly back and hope the tip of my dick makes it past.....
Here you can see why I have to wash my hands after taking a piss. It amazes me when I see a guy in a public restroom skip washing his hands, but I guess their dicks are long enough to avoid getting wet fingertips. I don't have much to grab onto, so when I do hold it to aim I get pee on my fingers.....

Sitting to pee is better, but not perfect. As you can see, my penis stub is so short that when I sit down it points instead of hangs. So when I sit to pee I have to remember to push it down so the pee stream doesn't go straight out and over the rim of the bowl.....


  1. Hi ,
    I have an almost identical problem. Worse, it comes loaded with two more abnormalities - Hypospadius and Chordee. I was operated when I was 12 to repair the Hypospadius. After the operation the opening (which was very slightly below the normal line) became more worse as urine started dripping from the cut below. I didnt care much that time, and the newly formed opening closed automatically as the urine flow used to take the leak path. Now I am even worse - Severe Hypospadius, Chordee (when erect) and low self esteem overall. Moreoever, I have manboobs (Gynecomastia), but since I am fat around waist, heavy upper thighs, I guess, the manboobs would have been a result more due to fat rather than the glands getting swollen.

    Really feel pathetic about it (no girl friends), and I am very scared to get married as I feel ashamed of my lesser male powers.

  2. I'm a female and I LOVE small dicks! Yours is so cute! I love how you describe peeing. I would love to help you pee.

  3. I am in a similar situation. Presently my flaccid penis size is almost 1 1/2 inches. Before I lost weight, my penis was about 1 inch. I had no shaft. Only the head was visible. When I pee I usually pull my pants and briefs down below my butt. Then I lean forward a little over the urinal. Sometimes if there are other guys in the men's room I use a stall if one is available. And I go ahead and sit down. Naturally I am embarrassed and get some strange looks when I have my pants at mid thigh. But I don't like to sit to pee. And I don't want to risk peeing on my fly and pants. Some good news. After losing weight my erection also increased from 4 inches to 4 1/2. Daaave