Sunday, January 9, 2011

Small Penis Handicaps...Peeing with a Tiny Dick

There are a lot of problems that come with having a really small penis. Obviously, it is difficult, if not impossible, to please a woman with a dick as small as mine. Another problem is finding condoms small enough to stay on my little penis. And there is the humiliation you feel when showering in a locker room and you're the smallest dick there. But there is another problem that all little-dicked guys have to deal with on a daily's hard to pee with a small penis.

My Mistress has decided that I should pee sitting down from now on. It makes sense really, since men stand to pee, men have dicks, and my penis is closer to a clit than a dick. Every time I sit down to pee it reminds me of how pathetic my clit-dick is.

Standing to pee when your as small as I am is difficult. I'm only an inch or so long when soft, so I have to make sure I pull my little nub out as far as possible when I piss. I also have to make sure that the open fly of my pants is pushed back and away. I can't casually whip it out and go like most men. I have to make a conscious effort to get my pants out of the way.

Even if I get my baby-dick past my pants, I have to make sure I hit the toilet. I have to remember to get as close to the toilet as possible, and lean forward. Otherwise I dribble in the front of the rim or on the floor. I hate making a mess in my bathroom at home. And if I'm not careful, that's what happens. I doubt men with normal sized dicks have to clean the floor after every time they pee.

Another problem is public restrooms. I hate them. My dick is so small that I am embarrassed to pee in public urinals. I know most guys aren't looking, but I still get too nervous to go. It makes trips to the bathroom in crowded public places like bars, stadiums, and airports very difficult. I always think everyone who sees me go into a stall thinks I'm some kind of wimp that is scared to pee in public, which I am.

When I do manage to pee standing up without making a mess of my pants or the floor, I always get a little pee on my fingers. I don't have much of a dick to shake when I'm done, and it is so short that my fingers are really close to the end, so they always get some pee on them. I'm always amazed at the guys that don't wash their hands after pissing. It's really gross, but I assume there dicks are big enough that they can hold them at the base and still be far away from the pee stream.

So peeing sitting down is a better option, but it is still not perfect. You would think with a clit-dick I would be able to pee like a girl, but there is a problem. My flaccid penis is so short that it points instead of hangs. So I have to remember to push it down when I sit on the toilet. Otherwise the pee goes straight forward from my little acorn of a soft wiener, and can go over the front rim of the toilet. This makes a huge mess and is way worse than dribbling on the floor. It splashes all over the back of my legs and the pants I am wearing, and runs down the front of the toilet bowl too. I can clean up the toilet bowl, but getting the back of my pant legs covered in piss can only be fixed by doing laundry. And it looks odd to change your pants in the middle of the day for no reason. Imagine trying to explain that since you have a tiny penis, you have to sit to pee, but even that doesn't always work and you pissed all over yourself. It's humiliating.

This happened to me the other day, but luckily I was still wearing my PJ's so I didn't have to change pants in the middle of the day. The worst was when it happened on the first day of a long weekend trip, and I ruined one of the two pairs of pants I had packed.

So as you can see, having a tiny penis is a real handicap. It's more than the just the humiliation of being an inadequate sexual partner. It makes simple things like taking a leak very difficult. My penis is very pathetic and doesn't even function like a normal penis does. How sad.


  1. hi thank you for your post i know it may sound strange but i had not even thought of the options before im very tiny to and go through what you go through but i never thought about sitting to pee well never thought that much into it i accept that i am unable to sexually pleasure a women so i dont i tell women i suffer from erection problems to save face everytime i piss i have to clean up to as it is harder on my pants i drip on on the foor my finger and thumb it is tough but iwill now sit to pee i cannot believe im 30 now and never thought of that so thank you

  2. You're welcome! Glad I could help.

  3. Hi. My tiny dicklet makes yours appear large. Honestly I
    am under one inch when flaccid and barely 1 and 1/2 inches when fully aroused. I am also obese which makes it even smaller. I always piss on my pants and on the floor. My pants usually have a big wet spot .... it is humiliating. My wife is so sick of it. She calls it my clit. She has taken in a boarder to pleasure her, a black man with a huge black penis. She says she is justified and making up for years living in a marriage without intercourse.
    I don't know what to do. I have seen the black man's penis and I now I am so envious. His meatus is larger than my entire dicklet.

  4. Ypu are so right with all that. I also sit down to pee aS IT IS The only way...

  5. Thanks for sharing. I hate when I forget, or worse still I can't aim when I'm shrunken and the pee goes right out between the bottom of the seat and the top of the bowl...

  6. thank u I still enjoy sex though anally', I pee sitting down I loveit.

  7. So many gay men LOVE more compact endowments.
    Always get so hard!!!!!!!

  8. You can try what I do I am fat and I was born with short arms. I pee sitting facing the tank at home and in public no dribbles. At home I have a bedaet on my toulit to spray water on it and clean it. Hey in the summer it feels good too. Hope this helps.

  9. Mine is retracted a bit. Have to stretch it out to clear my pants. Sometimes it just won't come out. Stretching it causes my stream to spray, so I only attempt it in front of a urinal. Sitting is the way to go. Yes, I have shot between the seat and rim with the same disastrous results. Nice to know I am not the only male around with short comings.

    1. I am really small, less than two inches when fully erect. If we are outside my wife makes me squat to pee if there is no one around. In the house I have to sit down and push my dick down

  10. It's good to read that other guys have small penises. It helps to know that other guys go through what I do. I have also peed on the back of my pants while sitting to pee. I've peed on my fly while standing at a urinal. I've peed on my thumb and finger while holding my dick head. Guys with normal size dicks can't understand what guys with tiny dicks go through just to piss. Daaave, 1 1/2 inches,

  11. They do make urination cups like for hospitals that you can purchase...if they're to expensive then use a large plastic cup like a 7-11 double gulp cup, you wash them after each use with vinegar/water mixture......for the guy whom's wife is cheating on him with the huge dick black guy....i am a huge dick black and that sucks man, divorce that whore, marriages are for better or worst, don't take that bullshit life is too short, if you're married then your wife seen good qualities in you so will others, theres plenty of good women out there that size honestly doesn't matter, like my i stated earlier i have an almost 12 inch penis and im thick wife wasn't to thrilled about the size it took 4 years for her to get used to my size in which our sex life took some time to being more than 1-2 times a month but she loves me, not my monster lol

  12. It's great that fellow small guys are discussing this - I thought for years I was the only guy who peed his pants like that!

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