Sunday, November 14, 2010

Slave Memories: Bad Toilet, Slapped in the Face

Recently my Mistress asked me to send her a letter with some of my favorite memories of serving her. She said she enjoyed reading them, and I certainly enjoyed writing them, so I thought I would periodically share a fond memory of my Mistress here. This is the first.....

I was washing Mistress's dishes, one of my usual chores, when she walked into the kitchen and grabbed a wine glass. She walked out of the room, looked at me over her shoulder, smirked, and said "I think you need to drink a glass of my pee." She walked into the bathroom, and I nervously kept washing the dishes. Maybe thirty seconds later I hear her call to me, and when I get to the bathroom, a full wine glass of her pee is waiting for me to drink.

I had served as her toilet in sessions before, but usually when I was acting as houseboy I only did basic chores....dishes, sweeping, cleaning the litter box, taking out the garbage. If I was really lucky I got to give her a foot massage. Adding toilet service was an exciting new twist! After drinking her pee from that wine glass on a few occasions I suggested trying a large funnel instead. I thought it would be more like me actually being her toilet. If the funnel was large enough she could go without having to worry about spilling or me not being able to drink fast enough. It would be very convenient for her to use me to go to the bathroom. I was so happy when she agreed to try it! I was really going to be her toilet! It was quite an honor.

I was really nervous when the day came to use the funnel system for the first time. I bought a large black funnel at an auto parts store and went over to my Mistress's apartment to do my chores and be her toilet. I got there on time and rang the doorbell....with no response. That was odd, but I thought maybe she was messing with me. I waited a few minutes and tried the buzzer again, but there was still no response. Now I was wondering if I had the wrong day or time or if I had done something wrong to make her mad at me. I was really getting worried. I tried her cell phone, but she didn't answer. I didn't know what to do, so I waited outside her door. Eventually a motorcycle pulled up, and Mistress was on the back. She had been riding with a friend of hers that I recognized as another dominatrix. Mistress walked up to me, took off her helmet, and said, "I know we are supposed to use the funnel today. My friend will be using you too." They both handed me their helmets and walked past me inside.

Now I was really nervous. My Mistress was intimidating enough, but at least I was comfortable with her. Her friend scared me a little. When we got into the apartment I was told I would be getting them dinner before we did anything else. I took their order, walked to get the food, brought it back, and served them. I waited on them as they ate, and then cleared and washed the dishes. As they ate they talked and had a good time, but ignored me unless they had an order or request. Mistress's friend never said a word to me, but she would talk about me to my Mistress as if I wasn't there. It was very humiliating.

Now that dinner was over, it was time to serve them both as a human toilet. Since we had never used the funnel before Mistress was nervous that I was going to make a mess. The point of the funnel was to be convenient for her, but until I proved I could swallow all her pee she was going to be cautious. I was told to strip and lay in the bathtub so any potential mess would be easier to clean.

Her friend went first. She took off her pants and stood on the edges of the tub, I put the funnel in my mouth, and she positioned it in the right spot for her to pee in. She still did not say one word to me, or even look at me. Even when Mistress pointed out my small semi-erect penis she didn't say anything to me. She just agreed with Mistress that it was small. Because she never acknowledged me I really felt like I was simply a tool for her to use. I was nothing more than a toilet to her.

She started to go and I started to drink. She peed a lot, but I was able to swallow it all by placing my tongue over the opening of the funnel to control the flow. The funnel was large enough to hold all of her pee until I swallowed it all. It worked perfectly. Her piss didn't taste as good as Mistress's though.

As I was swallowing I heard Mistress just outside the door laughing really loudly. She was saying something about how loud I was swallowing and how much pee I was drinking. It was odd to have her acknowledge I was a person drinking pee and to have her think it was so funny, while her friend treated me as just another toilet.

Now it was Mistress's turn to go! Toilet training is on of her favorite things, but despite all her laughter I could tell she wasn't in a good mood. I knew she had somewhere to be that night, and we were running out of time, and since they were late getting back from their ride everything was rushed. I think she was frustrated with having too much to fit into the day, so I was very grateful that she didn't dismiss me before letting me drink her piss.

As she stood on the edges of her tub and straddled my face, she told me to close my eyes. I would be allowed to open them once she started to pee, but she didn't want me staring at her until then. I closed them as ordered and waited....but for some reason I forgot to keep them closed and opened them before she started to pee. I instantly regretted this. The look of anger on her face was something I never hope to see again. I had failed to follow the simplest of rules, and she was already annoyed. She was pissed, which was ironic since she was about to piss in my mouth.

She grabbed the funnel, moved it away from my mouth, and repeatedly slapped me in the face. She was genuinely angry with me. This was not role playing. This was not a pre-planned part of a session. She was slapping me hard as a real punishment for being too stupid to follow her rules. It was her first gut reaction. I felt so bad that I had angered her, but at the same time I never felt so close to her as her property. She was slapping the hell out of my face because she could. I was hers, and she could slap me all she wanted. That moment still stands out to me. I was the property of Lady Madeline, and she let me know it.

She then peed a little and I drank it, and she immediately kicked me out. She was so annoyed with me. I didn't even get to kiss her feet before I left. I called her later to apologize, but of course she didn't answer.

We used that funnel a lot after that day, and I was never slapped for opening my eyes again. Serving as her toilet was always a thrill for me, but that first time was the most memorable. Not because I got to drink her golden nectar, but because her genuine and instinctive slaps to my face made me realize my role in her life. I was her property.

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