Monday, January 17, 2011

Slave Memories: Sidewalk Ballbusting

One of my favorite parts of serving as my Mistress's houseboy was kissing her feet before I left. I wasn't happy to leave her of course, but it was an honor to kiss her feet, especially while feeling good about getting all my chores done around her apartment. But one of my favorite memories of serving her is the one of the few times I did not kiss her feet as I left.

This particular day I believe I had the honor of doing her laundry, along with the dishes and sweeping and other stuff as usual. As I was getting ready to leave....which meant taking off my collar and putting my clothes back on....Mistress told me she was leaving too, so instead of kissing her feet, we walked out together.

It was always a thrill to be seen with her in public, even if it was for a short time as we walked down the sidewalk in her neighborhood. She is such a beautiful woman, and I imagine everyone that saw us together was very confused as to how I could even walk with her.

When we were about a half a block from the corner where we would go in opposite directions, she stopped and told me to come close to her right next to the building we were next to. She leaned in and I thought she was going to whisper something to me, but instead she suddenly punched me in the balls. Hard. She punched my nuts 4 or 5 times in rapid succession. I was not expecting this. The first punch nailed me square in the balls, and I doubled over. The next few did not land as directly as the first, but they still did damage. I was flinching a lot because that was my natural reaction. If it had been in session I would have tried not to flinch, but I was so surprised by her nut punches that I naturally flinched.

Then she started walking again, like punching me in the balls was no big deal. I tried to follow her, but I was hobbled over in pain. I eventually caught up to her and kept walking. She didn't say a word.

As we got the the corner where I was turning right and she was turning left, she gave my nuts one more solid back hand punch. I almost fell over in pain as I stumbled away from her. I managed to look back as she walked away. She looked so hot as she walked. She did not look back. She was so confident. I continued to stumble along in pain, and did notice there were a few people around that had to see what happened, but I didn't care. I was proud to provide my balls for her to punch.

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