Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sacrificing for Mistress During Lent

Since my Catholicism is non-existent these days, giving up something during this time of year is not as high of a priority as it used to be....until now. Sure, the Catholic church has lost me, but the church of Lady Madeline has not. There should still be sacrifices on my part, but they are done in honor of my Mistress now.

She was not too happy with my attitude recently, and wanted a suggestion to redeem myself. Giving up something for Lent for her was suggested, and she really liked it. She decided what the sacrifices will be....

1. The word "I" is not permitted in any blog posts, tweets, or emails. She suggested using derogatory 3rd person words when referring to myself. Her favorite so far is Fatty McDickless. This is hard to do, but has made me choose my words wisely. The focus of my sentences is more on her than me these days.
2. No meat eating allowed. At all. This is hard for my carnivorous fat ass. But it is a good opportunity to eat healthily.
3. She generously allows one release a week, during sex or by myself. If it is done by myself, it must be accompanied with some pain, and my hand is not allowed to touch my tiny penis.
4. No teasing or touching or edging of my penis at all.
5. This is not a sacrifice, but something to be done. She wants me to do something positive for animals. That is a great idea. She is so wise.


  1. I have to ask...why are you doing this? Because you don't have too. Your penis is fine. Also, being chubby is fine too. There is nothing wrong with you or the way you look. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise...including mistresses!

    You know, you can find love/sex outside of the mistress based S&M scene. Take me for example. I'd a chubby dude. The only guys I've been attracted to have been other chubby dudes. Mine and all the dudes I've been with pretty much have cocks like yours. Just normal guy dicks.

    You do know you're better than this, right? To have some woman and possibly other folks from the internet call you "Fatty McDickless" and other skinny folk words of oppression. You don't need this. You are NOT a piece of crap! Don't let a mainstream fat-hateing society bring you down & make you a self loather! you're better than this! AND---you can jerk off whenever you want without a woman telling you where and when!

    (Why would you want a woman (or anyone) to do that to you anyway? Chick boobs are gross and vagina looks like a cross between an open wound and the underside of a slug covered in wrinkled knee skin)

    So, in closing.
    1. you're hot.
    2. your wang is fine (and hot looking)
    3. Bitches aint shit! Particularly when they ridicule awesomely hot, snugly, cuddly, squishy fat guys. (and their dicks) So don't let them (and while I'm at it. skinny dudes) boss you around.

  2. Anonymous just doesn't get it...

  3. Clearly someone above does not understand BDSM and how it's normal for those who participate in it and not to mention fun.

    1) someone does not understand BDSM
    2) someone is way overweight considering his hate of thin people
    3) does not like that you like BDSM
    4) does not understand BDSM....

  4. While the first commenter's concern is appreciated, and the compliments are flattering, he clearly does not understand BDSM. My submission is consensual, and a lot of fun. My fetish is being under a woman's control, and my Mistress has a fetish for being in control. So it works out nicely for both of us. This is not something Fatty does because Fatty has to. Tinypeen does it because Tinypeen is kinky.