Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Service to Mistress

Last weekend Lady Madeline was kind enough to actually pay attention to me a little and allow me to serve her quite a bit. Here is a quick recap...

Saturday she mainly had me doing slave secretary work. She is a very busy woman, and can't be bothered to work on all the mundane tasks that seem to get in the way of her real work and her leisure time. So she sent me a few texts with orders such as finding flights and doing some banking research. She seemed pleased with my work and told me she would have more orders for me after sundown. It was Yom Kippur so she was waiting until after sundown to give me more orders, but the orders never came that night. After waiting patiently all night my conclusion was that she was enjoying her Saturday night with her real man, who is of course well hung, and didn't want to be bothered with me.

Sunday morning was a different story. There was a text waiting for me after waking up that wasn't unexpected.....piss cubes. She wanted me to make a batch of piss cubes to use for the day. She wanted me to suck on them and put them in my drinks. So my first piss of the day was into an ice cube tray and into the freezer it went.

She had also texted me orders to wear panties and a maxi pad all day. The panties is a fairly common order, but she had never ordered me to wear a maxi pad before. It felt pretty stupid to wear one. Of course most men would find it really odd to have their dick inside panties and a maxi pad, but my dick is more like a clit anyway. It felt out of the ordinary, but not wrong.

Wearing panties and a maxi pad around the house is humiliating enough, but leaving the house is a different story. Mistress said she wanted me to wear the panties and pad all day, so when it was time to go to a work function they were still under my shorts. It felt pretty stupid to be wearing that stuff in public, especially in a room full of women. The humiliation would get worse though. Mistress sent me another text, this time with orders to pee my pants. Not while at the work function, but on the way home. She said to do it when almost home. Hopefully not too many people would see. About a block away Tiny stopped walking, pretended to look at something on the phone, and tried to piss. It's not easy to piss your pants. Every instinct says to hold it, but eventually a stream of pee started flowing. It started slow, and the maxi pad was absorbing a lot of it, but eventually it really started to come out. Maybe Tiny had relaxed after struggling to start. Eventually my shorts were soaking wet, and there was a puddle on the side walk. There were people around, but it isn't likely they saw. Tiny did walk past some people on that last block of the walk though, and they had to have seen my wet shorts. Here's some proof of my public pants pissing.....

Once Tiny was home it was time to chat with Mistress! As we chatted she made sure there was a piss cube in my mouth. It's so nasty to suck on a block of my frozen pee, but Lady Madeline thinks it is hilarious. She seems to really enjoy making me do disgusting things for her amusement. After the piss cube had melted in my mouth it was time to drink a glass of water. This glass wasn't that refreshing though, because it was also full of piss cubes that were slowly melting.

Mistress was very kind to chat with me for a very long time. Because of our busy schedules it had been quite some time since we talked. She wanted to make sure Tiny was still following her rules. The main rules she makes me follow at all times are 1) always sit to pee like a woman, and 2) always eat my cum. Of course that is only when she allows me to actually cum. She also wanted to check and make sure there had been no cheating on the orgasms she allows me. It is impossible for Tiny yo lie to her, so when she asks she gets the truth. Tiny doesn't cheat though. He is knows it is important to follow her rules.

We continued to chat about how pathetic my penis is, and she re-read some old emails that had humiliating stories about my little dick. She of course added her thoughts on the matter, and you can guess what she thinks about a tiny clit dick.

She then had me do a strip tease video. Any readers that are actually out there are lucky she does not make me share videos like that on this blog. It's amazing she can watch a strip tease video of me without getting sick. Tiny is disgusting. Fat and gross and gross and disgusting.....with a teeny tiny penis. It was so humiliating to send that video to her. Hopefully she never shows anyone else.

After some more chatting she  had me do some more secretary work and help her with some school projects, and then it was pillow humping time! Mistress likes to make me hump my pillow when she allows me to have a release. First she wanted me to pinch my balls 15 times and punch my nuts 10 times, and stick a small cucumber in my ass. Here is the cucumber sticking out of my ass, covered in one of my tiny condoms.

Lady Madeline then allowed me to hump my pillow...the same pillow Tiny sleeps on. She lets me put a towel down though first. She is so nice to me. While pillow humping, with the cucumber in my ass, she made me repeat "I am Mistress Madeline's bitch" over and over. It didn't take my baby dick long to cum all over the towel. My small amount of jizz was of course all licked up. Mistress told me to take a shower after finishing my cum, so that was the end of a great weekend of service.

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