Monday, November 7, 2011


Being the slave of Lady Madeline has made me a better person. Her rules force me to be smarter and more responsible. So when Tiny uses a stupid word like "retard" he knows it is not acceptable. Tiny is not allowed to use that word. Mistress forbids it. Instead she has me follow Dan Savage and substitute the word "leotard". She is not just a controlling Mistress that makes me do humiliating things for her amusement.....she is a good person that makes me a better person.

A few days ago Tiny messed up on twitter and accidentally used the word "retard". Tiny would like to apologize to anyone that was offended. It would be insensitive to say something like that even if Lady Madeline did not have a rule about it. Tiny tries his hardest not to use the R-word, but even one mess up is not acceptable.

Tiny is very very sorry.

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