Friday, November 13, 2009

wanking schedule report

At the end of September, my Mistress gave me a pretty strict wanking schedule that I had to follow until Halloween. For over a month, every orgasm I had was a gift from her. It was hard, and I wasn't perfect, but it was worth it because she was pleased with my effort. It was worth it because she enjoyed my frustration.

The schedule controlled how and when I had orgasms. It even controlled when I was allowed to touch my tiny dick at all. There were chances to cum, but I wasn't always able to take advantage of them. If I had a busy schedule on a day when wanking was allowed, I had to miss out. And when I did get to wank, I had to do the way she told me, which was always a pretty humiliating way.

Thursdays were the best, because I was allowed to hump my pillow. I wasn't allowed to masturbate like a normal guy. The reason she wanted me to hump my pillow was to make me realize what it is like to fuck my tiny little pecker. A woman having sex with me gets no pleasure from's all from friction of her clit on my body. There is no up and down motion when a woman is on top during sex with me because my little dick would slip out. So even if she has an orgasm, it isn't quite as satisfying as it would be if she had a big dick deep inside her. I had orgasms humping my pillow, but they were not as good as if I was able to stroke my baby dick. It really put my shortcomings during sex into perspective.

Also, I felt pretty stupid humping my own pillow.

Of course I also had to lick all the cum of of my pillow when I was done. I had to eat most of the cum I produced during that time....even if it was from regular sex. I had to eat it from my used condoms.

The best part of the wanking schedule was that the frustration was a constant reminder of my amazing Mistress. When I went days or weeks without cumming, it made my devotion to her even stronger. And when I did get to release, it was a special gift from her. She was always on my mind. Since the schedule ended she has given me the freedom to masturbate and orgasm as much as I want, and I have taken advantage. I have been getting reacquainted with my little buddy between my legs. It has been fun, and I am very appreciative of the freedom she has given me, but it also is kind of a let down. I think I'd rather be under her control and be frustrated. I love sacrificing for her, and I love that she enjoys my frustration. Life is ind of boring without her control.

Of course this freedom will not last. She has told me a new assignment is coming, and I have no idea what it is. It could be even more frustrating than the last wanking schedule. It could be very humiliating. Whatever it is, I will do my best to please her. I am a very lucky slave.

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