Friday, December 4, 2009

my latest restrictions

My Mistress usually controls how and when I have orgasms, and she has given me a new set of rules to follow. The last time I had a complicated schedule to follow. This time is it pretty simple, but I think it is harder.

I am allowed two orgasms a week, which seems like a lot for a slave. I am very lucky to get those, and very thankful. The difficulty is deciding when to use them. You see I get one orgasm a week by masturbating, and one a week while having sex. I am only allowed to touch my tiny little dick during that one masturbation session, so if I do it early in the week I have to wait a long time to even touch it again. If I have my one sexual orgasm early in the week, then I have to fake my orgasms the rest of the week. Of course of I try to save it, and I don't have the opportunity to have sex, then I would waste one orgasm.

This is the first week with these restrictions. I used my sex orgasm the first night, and had to fake an orgasm the second night. I have not used my masturbation orgasm yet, but I am very tempted to do it soon.

The most difficult part about these restrictions is they are indefinite. Usually I know there is an end to an assignment and I can focus on making it until then. But this time there is no end in sight. My Mistress is really enjoying my predicament. Making me choose is really hard. I don't want to let her down though so I will do what she wants.

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