Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surprise Wanking Instructions on Twitter

After taking a break from serving to tend to some "real life" issues, my Mistress was kind enough to ease me back into her service by allowing me a very generous TWO orgasms a week! She really enjoys my suffering and frustration when I'm not allowed to cum, so being allowed two a week was very nice of her. Of course there was a catch though. I was only allowed to touch my tiny penis during a two hour window each day. At first it was from noon to 2 pm, then she changed it to 10 am to noon. So even though I was allowed to orgasm twice a week, if I didn't have the time or privacy to masturbate during those two hours, I was out of luck. While these rules were in place I was lucky to get one release a week.
I was pretty frustrated for weeks following these rules, and would wake up each morning with very hard and painful morning wood and very blue balls. Not being able to touch my dick at all outside of that two hour window was hard...

I was very lucky one Saturday when I had the time to wank my little dick during my free window, because my Mistress happened to notice my tweet about masturbating. I live two time zones away from Mistress, so I don't get to talk to her often, so an unexpected reply from her to my tweet about wanking was a pleasant surprise! Of course there was a catch though. She told me I had to tie up my little dick and balls and wait a half hour to wank, and then I had to slap my cock and balls hard three times when I started, untie halfway to orgasm, and then slap myself three more times right before I came. It isn't easy to slap yourself and make it hurt. You naturally ease up at the last second, but I am getting pretty good at really hitting myself hard because I know that is what she wants. And with my penis being so small, it doesn't get in the way when my balls are slapped. Because of my small size both my cock and balls can take the full force of my hand, so I have the sharp stinging pain on my dick at the same time I have the dull ache on my balls.

My mistress wanted a pic of my little penis tied up as proof, so here it is. You can barely see my small dick behind the shoelace I used to tie myself up.....

These days things are a little more frustrating. My latest restrictions don't allow for any orgasms at all until further notice. She did let me have a free day last weekend when I came twice in one day! She did make me eat it all though.

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