Thursday, July 29, 2010

Public Humiliation Assignment: Buying "Butt Douche"

My Mistress likes to give me humiliating tasks to do for her amusement, and recently came up with a new twist on a public humiliationn shopping assignment that was pretty embarrassing. She wanted me to go to three different stores and ask for "butt douche"...not an enema, but a butt douche. I was supposed to be clear that I was not constipated, but I had a smell issue I wanted to fix.

This was just part of a three part assignment that once completed would mean I was able to release as much as I wanted. I don't get a lot of orgasms, so this was a great reward.

The first part of the assignment was to send Mistress a strip tease video. One of my twitter followers asked if I was going to post that. She has never asked me to, and my face is not hidden at all, so I don't think I will be sharing the video.

The second part of the assignement was to ask for the "butt douche" at three stores, but to also buy and enema and use it.

The third part was to drink a shot glass full of my own pee. I used to get a lot of golden showers from my Mistress when we lived in the same city, but these days she makes me drink my own.

After sending her the strip tease video, I first attempted the "butt douche" task at my local Walgreen's but......well, I chickened out. I shop there all the time, and I was nervous about asking for something so embarrassing where I would be recognized.

So I went to a small independent neighborhood drugstore the next day. I was in a hurry, and walking fast to get there focusing on completing the assignment to get my reward, but about a half a block away I remembered what I was about to do and got really nervous.

There were two women working, but kind of plain looking. I went up to one of them and asked, "Um....I'm not sure if this even exists, but I am looking for a....douche....but one that you use a....a....butt douche. Do you have anything like that?"

She gave me a weird look and raised both eyebrows. After she took me to the normal enemas, I asked her if they had anything that would help with a smell issue. I told her that I wasn't constipated, but I had a "freshness problem" and wondered if I could use a regular female douche to get rid of the smell. She seemed a little weirded out that I asked, and she told me she didn't see why I couldn't use a regular douche for that. I told her I'd think about it and left.

The second attempt was at a Walgreen's downtown. I asked a cute young clerk the same awkwardly phrased question about "butt douche". She seemed a little uncomfortable with my gross question, but also was very helpful. She really wanted to help it seemed. She showed me the enemas, but told me they wouldn't help with a smell problem as much as they would help with constipation and cleaning out my system. She also showed me the douches, but didn't think they would work because the nozzle wouldn't be comfortable for me to use. She suggested I use a douche like thing they had for sale and that I could put soapy water in it to help fix the smell. I told her I'd research douches and think about it.

The third store was a CVS. There was a cute girl working but I couldn't ask her because she was flirting with some dude that worked there. Eventually she was by herself, so I asked her about "butt douche".....she was nodding and looked concerned as I asked the question, but when I said the words "butt douche" she laughed out loud. She laughed right in my face, but quickly regained her composure to help me. She also showed me the enemas, and told me she wasn't sure if I could use a regular douche when I asked her of it would be better to help with my smell issue. She also checked me out when I bought an enema, so she definitely knew I was going to use it later.

I used the enema later that day, but after I put it in I took it to the garbage in the alley to hide the evidence. I almost shit my pants in the minute it took me to take it out to the garbage, but I made it back to the toilet OK.

The last part of my assignment was to do a shot of my own pee. I have plenty of shot glasses, but never had the privacy to pee in one and drink it. I was so focused on the enema part of the assignment first that I probably missed some opportunities earlier in the week. After I did the three stores and the enema I realized I was only a pee shot away from being able to release, but I had no way of sneaking it. But then I got creative. I took a shower and used the lid of my deodorant as the shot glass. I peed in it in the shower, drank it out of the lid, and then washed the lid in the shower.

My pee tasted especially gross for some reason. Not like my Mistress's. I really miss drinking hers, and wish I lived closer to her.

I ended up getting the assignment done in enough time to enjoy a few orgasms before she took that away from me again.

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  1. Can't stop laughing! Would have loved to have been there to see your humiliation. Now if only you'd added in a request for "tiny condoms" :)

    Come visit My site - you're invited to enter my "worst crotch shot" contest. Be sure to ask your Miss for permission.