Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hot Dog punishment

Since I serve my Mistress over a long distance, she relies on me sticking to the honor system when following her rules. She regularly asks me if I am being totally honest with her, but I think she knows that I always tell her the truth. I don't think I'm capable of lying to her because the guilt would be worse than any punishment she could give me....I think. She could probably come up with something pretty harsh, but I still would feel bad lying to her.

Recently I had to fess up to being lazy with following her rules. Mistress was really busy with some real life issues, so she gave me some simple rules to follow while she focused on other things. Of course they were limitations on how many orgasms I was allowed to have, and what I was required to do when I did orgasm. The weird thing is I wasn't really even in the mood to masturbate at all at the time because I was worried about her. I know she was not in the mood to think about kink, and I felt guilty even thinking about as well. It actually knocked me out of subspace. I just wasn't in the mindset to play with my little dick at the time.

Well eventually things started to get back to normal, but we were both busy and hadn't talked in awhile. I started to get horny again, and one day decided to masturbate my tiny penis. I planned to fulfill her requirements later, but never got around to it. Then a few days later I played with myself again, and planned to meet her requirements later. Then a few days later it happened again.....and of course I never did go back to do what she wanted me to do. There is really no excuse for it. Just because I was out of subspace for a short time did not give me the right to ignore what she wanted me to do. I started to feel really guilty about this, and the next time we chatted I told her all about it.

Well obviously she was not happy. I was told to think of my own punishment, and eventually I had the idea to fuck myself in the ass with a hot dog and then eat the hot dog. I thought that would be disgusting enough to please her, and she seemed excited about the idea. I also promised to write a punishment sentence over and over, but she has not told me what sentence to write or how many times to write it yet.

So last week we went to the local quickie mart to buy a hot dog. I wonder what the clerk would think if he knew what I planned to do with that hot dog when I got home. They had two different kinds....regular, and jumbo. I texted Mistress to see which one she wanted me to shove in my ass, and of course she chose the big one. I have been fucked with a strap on in the ass many times, but not for a very long time, so I was a little nervous about having this thick hot dog in my butt. She wanted me to freeze it first so it would be stiff enough to go in, so I stuck it in the freezer when I got home and did some work while it froze.

When I finally took it out of the freezer and lubed it up to fuck my ass, Mistress was on chat. She wanted to make sure I did it right, and she wanted pictures as proof. We talked about how the the hot dog was a lot bigger than my little erection. It was way thicker, and at least two to three inches longer....I really do have a small penis. I struggled to get it in at first, and it was pretty cold even thought it hadn't totally froze. I got it about four inches in, which is about as big as my dick is. It felt kind of good actually....maybe I should get fucked in the ass more often.

She laughed at how ridiculous I looked with a hot dog sticking out of my ass, suggested I leave it in because the part hanging out was more impressive than my pathetic penis, and warned me about how gross it was going to be to eat a hot dog covered in lube that was in my ass.

When I was about to eat it she gave me some great news....I was allowed to cum! But I had to cum all over the hot dog like it was ketchup. I hadn't orgasmed in some time, so I had quite a load (for me) built up. Plus cumming while chatting with Mistress is always way more exciting than doing it by myself. I shot my load all over the cold, lube covered hot dog and got ready to put it in my mouth.

She was really enjoying how grossed out I was. Now I like hot dogs, when they are nice and warm and have the right condiments, but this hot dog was cold and covered in lube, cum, and whatever residue was on it from being inside my ass. It might have been the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. But it was totally worth it, because Mistress was very pleased! She even told me I did a good job! And the best part.....she referred to me as her property when describing what I was doing on her twitter account! Nothing makes me happier than when she calls me her property!


  1. You were slow as hell posting this, but it was worth the wait. That is truly revolting, and trust me, I've seen some real nastiness in my time. You're a good pet for your owner.

  2. Thanks! I try to be a good pet. Glad you enjoyed the post.