Friday, June 24, 2011

Peeing with a Tiny Dick.....the video!

Mistress hasn't let me pee standing up like a man for some time now. It makes sense, since my penis is more like a clit than a real dick. Sitting down to pee is now the norm, so it was actually a little weird to pee standing up for the video she requested. She wanted to see what it looks like for such a small penis to pee standing up. Since she only allows me to pee sitting, this might be the last standing piss ever to come out of my minuscule dick.

As you can see, my thimble dick barely makes it past the fly of my jeans. And there isn't much shaft to grab onto. Some guys don't wash their hands after they pee, which is disgusting, but maybe their dick are so long that the end is nowhere near their fingers. With my dick it's almost impossible not to get some pee on my fingers.

Not only does my little acorn penis barely stick out of the fly, but my fat belly keeps getting in the way. The only way for me to see my dick is to lean forward. It's pretty sad really. Without being able to easily see it, and with it being so small, it's easy to forget it's there at all.

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