Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slave Memories: The Cost of a Ride... Nut Punches

Usually finishing my houseboy chores at Lady Madeline's apartment meant getting dressed, removing my collar, kissing Mistress's feet, and taking her garbage out on my way out. On one special day we both were leaving at the same time, and we both happened to be going in the same direction. She was going someplace where very lucky people were going to get to hang out with her, and my destination was on her route. You are not going to believe this, but she offered me a ride! How lucky for such a pathetic slave like me! It was such an honor to get to ride in her car, and she let me sit in the passenger seat and did not make me ride in the trunk like a pathetic piece of her property. She has always been so nice to me, and offering the ride was very helpful.

As we pulled up to the corner where she was dropping me off, she ordered me to spread my legs and keep them spread. After a second of confusion on my part, she slammed her fist into my balls multiple times. Of course my natural reaction was to flinch, but she still nailed my nuts hard a few times. Her nut punches caused intense pain as she ordered me out of the car and pulled away laughing.

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