Sunday, August 21, 2011

Slave Memories: Helping Mistress Move

Part of the reason Lady Madeline chose me to be one of her houseboys many years ago was the close proximity of our apartments, so it was sad news to hear she was going to move into a new neighborhood. It seems silly now considering we live thousands of miles apart, but at the time living in another neighborhood seemed so far away.

Mistress has had a very busy summer this year, and she is currently busy with moving into a new place. That reminded me of her move in my houseboy days, and how she allowed me to help her move. It was such an honor to be trusted with all of her valuable possessions. Not every slave gets to be a part of an important day like that. In fact, the only other person that helped was a friend of hers. Tiny would be the only one wearing her collar that day as we lifted all of her furniture up the stairs to her new place. The funny thing is, it seemed like her friend was jealous of me! You could tell he wanted to wear a collar with a tag that had Lady Madeline's name on it. That made me feel extra special.

It was kind of odd to have her collar on all day in public. Most of the time was spent in her old and new apartment, but we did make one stop to pick up some couches she bought. The couches were at some guy's apartment, and he had been told about her life as a Dominatrix and that a slave might be stopping by to get the couches. So while he wasn't surprised to see me wearing a collar, it was still kind of strange to be so open about it in a stranger's house.

Moving is always a lot of work, and moving Mistress's things was no exception. Of course her two helpers did almost all of the work. She bossed us around while we did the heavy if it would be any other way. She did let me have water, but only out of a bowl like a dog. Her friend got to drink out of a glass.

At the end of the day we went to return the truck she had rented. It was after hours so we were supposed to park it near the rental place. She was riding with me in the passenger seat as we pulled into a parking spot in a dark corner of the city behind a van. As we were about to get out of the truck she noticed the van moving in front of us. It was rocking back and forth.....and we could see people inside. They were fucking! The van in front of is was rocking back and forth as they fucked! Our trucks headlights were shining in the windows so they stopped and started yelling at us. Mistress started to slap my arm while yelling at me to get out of there! She assumed it was a prostitute in the van, and wanted to avoid any awkwardness. She kept yelling at me to back up, but her friend was right behind is in his car to give us a ride back. There was nowhere to go! We were stuck between a hooker in a van and her friend that couldn't see what was going on. We backed up anyway and he must have got the hint because he did too, and then we pulled away fast, with the trucks tires screeching, and found another place to leave the truck. It was a very bizarre ending to a long day.

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